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SG77 & SG97 1866 1d. Pink, uprated with 3d. and 6d. York to Bombay, India.


SG94 & 97 1866 4d. Vermilion Pl.8 (AI) Wmk. Spray and 1865 6d. Lilac Pl.5 (KH) Wmk. Emblems. Envelope from NEWRY to BENGAL “Via Marseilles and Calcutta”


SG97 & SG43 1865 Mourning cover franked with strip of 4 1d’s, plate 72 & 6d. Lilac, plate 5, making 10d.


SG97 1865 6d. Lilac Pl.5 (AI). With Hyphen. Wmk. Emblems. DOUBLE PEREFORATION.


SG97 1865 6d. Lilac Pl.5 (OB). With Hyphen. Wmk. Emblems. Entire from JERSEY to OPORTO…


SG97 1865 6d. Lilac, plate 5 (Emblems watermark). Fine used, neat A25 numeral of Malta.


SG97 1865 6d. Lilac, plate 5, LB. Fine used, nice BLUE duplex cancel. Unusual.


SG97 1865 6d. Lilac.Pl.5 (DF) With Hyphen. Wmk Emblems. Small envelope from READING to FRANKFURT ON THE MAIN.


SG97 1865 Registered cover, Manchester to Paris, via London and Calais.


SG97 1867 6d. Lilac (BJ). With Hyphen. Wmk. Emblems. Advertising envelope (top flap missing) for “DOWS, CLARK & VAN WINKLE”.


SG97 1867 6d. Lilac Pl.6 (CC). With Hyphen.


SG97 1867 6d. Lilac, plate 6, LC. Fine used, part Irish diamond cancel. Scarce plate.