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SG79 1863 Glasgow to Calcutta via Marseilles, 10d. rate paid by 4d., plate 3 and 6d., plate 3.


SG83 1862 6d. Lilac, SK. Very fine used example with crisp Irish 186 numeral of Dublin.


SG84 & SG82 1864 Neat cover, Scarbro to Auckland via Marseilles, Suez, Gialle and Sydney.




SG84 1862 6d. Lilac Pl.3 (MH). Wmk. Emblems. Right hand wing marginal on entire with part printed contents detailing prices for “Dryspun Yarns”.


SG84 1862 6d. Lilac, marginal example. Nice “C” cancel of Constantinople.


SG84 1862 6d. Lilac, PI. Superb cds example, neat Malta 1862 cds. Rare stamp.


SG84 1862 6d. Lilac, very fine used, CJ, neat upright 131 numeral of Edinburgh.


SG84 1862 6d. Lilac. Pl.3. Wmk Emblems Inverted. Fine used, cancelled by Glasgow duplex handstamp for FE.8.64. Very scarce.


SG84 1862 6d. Lilac. Pl.3. Wmk Emblems. Braintree, Essex to HMS Phoebe at Malta.


SG84 1863 6d. Deep lilac on cover, Reading to the ship HMS Marlborough, stationed in Malta.


SG84 1864 6d. Lilac, pair paying 1/- rate, Liverpool to Malta, DG & AG.


SG84 1866 6d. Lilac plate, ND, on orange cover, Manchester to Switzerland via Calais.


SG84, 80, 45 & 40. 1863 Large cover with 1d., 2d., 4d. and 6d. London to Paris, dated MY.7.1863.