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1d. Pink uprated with 1s. Pale Green. from Ramsgate to New York.


SG66, SG68 & SG72 1861 Large part entire, London to Amsterdam, franked at 1/ 10d. with the first 3 surface printed stamps.


SG72 1856 1/- Green.


SG72 1856 1/- green. A fine used block, marginal inscription.


SG72 1856 1s. Green. Most attractive used example cancelled by small part numeral leaving a full clear profile. Cat. £350.


SG72 1856 1s. Green. Pl.1. Wmk Emblems.


SG72 1856 1s. Green. Wing marginal with double perf strike at left. Carlisle to Valetta, Malta.


SG72 1856 1s. Green. Wmk. Emblems. OFFICERS LETTER.


SG72 1856 1s. Green. Wmk. Emblems. Used on Registered envelope sent from BRISTOL to GENOVA


SG72 1856 1s. Green. Wrapper with short note inside sent from WOLVERHAMPTON to NEW YORK “per Steamer”


SG72 1856 1s. Green.Wmk Emblems. Liverpool to New York via ‘America’.


SG72 1857 Liverpool Registered Spoon, entire to New York.


SG72 1857 Orange envelope addressed to Bombay, India


SG72 1858 1/- Green x2, paying 1oz rate from Upper Mill to New York, cancelled with the Manchester spoon, type E3.


SG72 1858 1s. Green plus strip of 3 1d. MJ – ML on small piece.


SG72 1859 1s. Green on neat cover to Wall Street, New York.


SG72 1860 1/- Green, trimmed wing margin on neat cover, Plymouth to Corfu, Ionian Islands.


SG72 1860 1s. Green on entire, London to Cadiz with additional 1d. as late fee both cancelled with the “W / 1” numeral.


SG72 1860 1s. Green on entire, London to Cadiz with additional 1d. as late fee.


SG72 1860 Transatlantic cover, Ireland to Brooklyn, New York.


SG72 Wk 1856 1s. Green. Pl.1. Watermark Emblems Inverted and Reversed.


SG72, SG69 & SG66 1860 cover, LEEDS to NAPLES.