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SG35 & 70 1857 2d. Deep blue, plate 6 (RE Re-entry). LC.P.14 and 1856 6d. Pale lilac. Wmk. Emblems.


SG45 & SG70 1859 2d. Blue, plate 8, SF. Thick lines and 1856 6d. Pale lilac. Watermark Emblems.


SG64 & 70 1856 4d. Pale Carmine. Ordinary Thin White Paper. Wmk. Medium Garter and 6d. Pale-lilac. Wmk. Emblems. Registered entire sent from LONDON to MACCLESFIELD.


SG68/ SG70 1856 6d. Lilac. Ladies Envelope. Wonderfully decorative envelope printed in green.


SG69 1856 6d. Deep Lilac. Wmk. Emblems. Superb used tied to small piece by a cracking GATESHEAD double arc c.d.s. for JY. 14. 1858.


SG69/ 70 1860 Railway postmarks cover. Euston Square Station cds.


SG70 & SG43 1861 Registered cover, Bridport (Dorset) to London.


SG70 & SG45 1862 Registered cover, London to Edinburgh.


SG70 1856 6d. Lilac. A very fine used pair.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale lilac top marginal pair on mourning envelope to Boston, USA.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale Lilac wing marginal pair, cancelled by '466' Liverpool duplex for MY.25.60.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale lilac, sole cancel is a red “PD” = Paid to Destination. Quite stunning.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale lilac, very fine used, part RED cds.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale lilac. Superb used on small piece, beautifully cancelled with just a small part “545” numeral of Newcastle upon Tyne.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems. On a neat mourning cover Dover to India via Southampton.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems. Top marginal pair complete with inscription’…SIX PENCE’ tied to Mourning envelope by the scarce Stockport sideways duplex for DE.26.1856.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems. Very fine used, neat London '82' numeral and showing completely blind perf at base. Unusual.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk. Emblems. Used Abroad – Gibraltar.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale-lilac. Superb used with a lovely crisp NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE c.d.s for JA. 22. 62.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale-lilac. Wmk. Emblems.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale-lilac. Wmk. Emblems. Affixed to envelope (right margin trimmed) from YEOVIL to LONDON, CANADA.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale-lilac. Wmk. Emblems. Envelope from LONDON to JAMAICA…


SG70 1856 6d. Pale-lilac. Wmk. Emblems. Solely cancelled by red “PD” (Paid to Destination) in oval handstamp. Scarce.


SG70 1856 small envelope from Leeds to Hong Kong “via Marseilles”.


SG70 1857 6d. Lilac plus 2x 1d. Stars on YORK Registered cover to LONDON.


SG70 1857 Bolton to Shanghai, China, via Southampton.


SG70 1857 Liverpool Registered spoon. Very fine strike dated DE.21.57, on cover front to Belfast.


SG70 1858 1/- rate to India, Bombay sent from Whitestone, just outside of Exeter (udc on reverse).


SG70 1858 6d. Pale lilac on neat entire to Switzerland, paying a 1/4oz rate via France.


SG70 1858 6d. Pale lilac on neat envelope, Campbelton to Georgetown, Demerara.


SG70 1858 Cover to Philadelphia with 2x 6d. pale lilacs paying the 1/2oz rate. Put in at Deansgate and nicely cancelled by a Manchester type D4b spoon.


SG70 1858 Liverpool to Shanghai, China, via Marseilles with 6d. and 1d. paying 9d. rate.


SG70 1858 Wrapper to Baden with 6d. Lilac & 2d. Blue paying a ¼oz rate, via Calais, Paris and Strasbourg.


SG70 1859 6d. Lilac on neat envelope, London to Berlin, dated DE.9.1859.


SG70 1859 6d. Pair on cover, Penrith to Illinois, dated FE.17.59.


SG70 1859 Neat envelope, London to Frankfurt with 1d. star, 2d. pl. 8 & 6d. lilac, making 9d.


SG70 1860 1d. Stars x2, plus 6d. lilac, paying the ½oz rate, via Ostende to Hamburg.


SG70 1861 Envelope from Bristol, sent on 25th May 1861 to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.


SG70 1861 Jersey to Calcutta at the 9d. rate with 1d, 2d and 6d pale lilac – dated SP.25.1861.


SG70 1861 Orange envelope, Leeds to Bombay via Marseilles.


SG70 1862 6d. Pale lilac on cover, London to St. Gallen, Switzerland.


SG70 1868 6d. lilac, plate 6 on cover, from Liverpool to Westphalia, Germany.


SG70 a. 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems. Azure Paper. East Grinstead to Ceylon. via Southampton SE 19 57.


SG70 a. 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems. On Azure paper.


SG70 Wi 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Watermark Emblems Inverted.


SG70 Wi.1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems Inverted. Used example cancelled by the '445' Leatherhead numeral. Scarce stamp.


SG70 Wj 1856 6d. Pale Lilac.