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1911 1/2d. Green. Post card. Very fine used. First Day of Issue and Coronation Day!


1912 Wilkinson Experimental Slot Machine. Cover to Catford with a neat impressed LONDON E.C/ POSTAGE PAID in magenta.


SG “321” 1912 ½d. Downey on underpaid postcard to CGH (South Africa). Nice Transvaal postage due applied on arrival.


SG”321″ 1911 Downey ½d Post Card, Hackney to Stoke Newington. Neat double ring cds for JU.22.11, the first day of issue.


SG321 & SG327 1911 ½d. Pale Green Die 1A and 1d. Carmine-red Die 1A. Wmk Crown.


SG321 &SG327. 1911 ½d. Pale Green & 1d Scarlet. Die 1A. Wmk Crown. FDI on Manchester Philatelic Society envelope sent locally.


SG321 1902/ 1950 3 Kings selection on album page. 28 stamps, all with “fancy” cancels.


SG321 1910 Downey Head bromide of the head in full profile as supplied to the Royal Mint.


SG321 1911 1/2d. Pale Green. Die 1A. Wmk Crown. “First U.K Aerial Post”. London to Windsor. Addressed to Minehead.


SG321 1911 Brown postcard to Switzerland, then re-directed to Paris with 2x 1/2d. Downeys.


SG321 1911 Downey head, pair ½d’s plus 1d. on two superb Royal postcards, dated JU.22.11- the First Day of Issue.


SG321 1911 Downey ½d. Post Card, uprated with ½d. to Germany, from Liverpool. Dated JU.22.11 – the first day of issue for both.


SG321 1911 First UK Aerial Post, red-brown postcard, London to Windsor, with far too many stamps!


SG321 1911 Windsor Flight postcard, red-brown, uprated to a 1d. and sent to Germany.


SG321 1911 ½d. Downey Post Card, uprated with ½d & 1d. to Port Moresby, Papua N.G, dated JU.22.1911 – the First Day of issue.


SG321 1911 ½d. on novelty parcel tag from Llanwrtyd Wells (mid Powys).


SG321 1911 ½d. Pale Green. Die 1A. Wmk Crown.


SG321 1912 ½d. Downey on novelty Brighton card, showing an oyster, with photographic views of Brighton inside.


SG321 1912 ½d. Downey on novelty parcel tag, depicting a Cornish pasty.


SG321 c.1910/ 12 Novelty parcel tag, unused with attached oyster with views of Margate.


SG321 c.1910/ 1911 Margate novelty card with photos of local scenes in the Oyster! Very fine, unused.


SG321 c.1910/ 1911 Wales – Llanfairfechan (Conwy) Crab with local scenes inside. Very fine used.


SG321 c.1911 Harrison & Sons essay in blue, unmounted, original gum, unwatermarked and perforated example.