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SG215- SG245 1902 First Day of Issue.


SG225 & SG230 1903 Registered envelope from Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne to Barcelona, Spain.


SG225 + 230 1903 Registered “Red bible” advertising envelope, Rugby to Philadelphia.


SG230 & SG257 Registered and insured stationery envelope to Berlin.


SG230 1902 2 1/2d. Striking book piece inscribed, “Nov.27.12 leads” with manuscript “1907” in red on reverse.


SG230 1902 2½d. Blue. Specimen type 15. Superb unmounted.


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine D.L.R. Envelope sent from MALVERN to CHICAGO.


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine D.L.R. “FRANCO BRITISH EXHIBITION” Handstamp.


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine D.L.R. “THOMAS LEE – Egg and Poultry Merchant” advertising envelope.


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine. D.L.R. Superb unused o.g. (lower pair u/m) block of four. Cat. £108+


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine. Picture Post Card to France.


SG230 1903 2 1/2d. Ultramarine on superbly printed advertising envelope, London to Finland, “Hobbs Hart + Co. Ltd”.


SG230 1903 envelope, USA to Manchester, re-directed on arrival with 1½d to France.


SG230 1904 2½d. Ultramarine on cover, Glasgow to Hangchow, China.


SG230 1906 2½d. Deep ultramarine on “view card” of Sefton Park, Liverpool.


SG230 1906 Entire, London to Brussels with DLR 2½d. paying postage and 1d. paying LATE FEE…


SG230 1911 Uniform Penny Postage Jubilee 1d. Blue. Registered envelope, Kilburn, London to Berlin.


SG230 2 1/2d. Ultramarine FIRST DAY OF ISSUE; Penzance double ring cds for JA.1.02.