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“SG215” 1908 Railway Station postmarks – dispatch note for a parcel addressed to Switzerland.


1902 Coronation Menu, dated 24th June 1902. Due to illness the actual Coronation took plate on August 9th.


1902 Edward VII Stationery values ½d. – 1/- on presentation sheet.


1902 Harrison & Sons Coronation Pass. Scarlet.


1902 ½d. Blue green postal stationery card, with multicoloured drawings.


1903 Edward VII, fine Cypher on cover to King’s Lynn from Sandringham.


1903 Posted in Advance for Delivery on Christmas day. 3d. red stationery card.


1909 Edward VII signed letter to Lady Savile at Rufford Abbey.


1910 May 6th. Death of Edward VII “Fine Order of Service”.


c.1902 Green (½d.) and Red (1d.) Coil Join pairs, overprinted CANCELLED in green and red.


SG215 1901 Master Die for the ½d., 1d., 6d. plue 2½d. (with modifications) in black on glazed card, without markings.


SG215 1901 Pre-release First Day Cover of the 1/2d. Blue green, sent at the 1d. letter rate.


SG215 1901 ½d. Die proof, cut down. Unlisted SG.


SG215 1902 1/2d. Die proof in black on glazed card without endorsements. Scarce.


SG215 1902 1d. Green Plate Proof, marginal block of four. Imperforate without watermark on thin card.


SG215 1902 1d. Green, very deep shade, plate proof, imperforate without watermark, on thin card.


SG215 1902 BALLOON POST, airmail Coronation Day.


SG215 1902 Harrison & Sons Coronation Pass – Duck Egg blue.


SG215 1902 Local envelope with ½d. blue green, neatly cancelled with the RED oval “Posted in Advance”.


SG215 1902 PLATE PROOFS, ½d. – 5/- “set” of 7.


SG215 1902 Railway Station postmarks 1d. Pink uprated to 2½d. on cover to Rome.


SG215 1902 ½d Blue green on fine Schultz advertising cover to the gun dealer.


SG215 1902 ½d. blue green on Coronation Day souvenir picture post card.


SG215 1902 ½d. Blue green on picture post card with Shakespeare 1/-.


SG215 1902 ½d. Blue green on superbly illustrated postcard.


SG215 1902 ½d. Blue green SPECIMEN type 15 (the unique?) Control A pair.


SG215 1902 ½d. Dull Blue-green. D.L.R. pair on PSNC envelope addressed to London and cancelled FREEMANTLE/WESTERN AUSTRALIA.


SG215 1902 ½d. Dull Blue-green. D.L.R. Used on U.P.U. Post Card sent from LONDON to CHICHESTER


SG215 1902 ½d. Dull Blue-green. D.L.R. “POST CARD” additionally affixed with ½d. Green Cape of Good Hope stamp…


SG215 1902 ½d. Post card, miscut and uprated with a ½d. stamp, London to Belgium.


SG215 1903 Picture Post Card to KALGOORLE (W. A) re-directed to USA.


SG215 1903 ½d. Blue green block with superb WIGAN oval.


SG215 1903 ½d. Blue green on hand coloured postcard, both sides.


SG215 1903 ½d. Blue green on superbly illustrated, coloured postcard.


SG215 1903 ½d. Blue green pair on picture post card of Shakespeare’s grave.


SG215 1903 ½d. Blue-green LEICESTER “Posted in advance, L. E.”.


SG215 1903 ½d. Blue-green on Xmas card used in Norwich.


SG215 1903 ½d. Blue-green pair, on cover to Caversham with Antigua despatch.




SG215 1904 1/2d. Blue green GK & A Packet Columba.


SG215 1904 Picture Post Card with Morocco Agencies 5c.


SG215 1904 Royalty: envelope from Sandringham Castle to Lynn, with a superb red OFFICIAL PAID cds…


SG215 1904 ½d. Blue green on post card of Chatsworth House – very rare Chatsworth Skeleton cancel!


SG215 1904 ½d. Blue green pair, on superb coloured advertising envelope.


SG215 1907 Railway Express cover, Earls Court Railway cds for JU.25.07.


SG215 1907 Superb Christmas postcard depicting a motor vehicle with EDVII ½d. pale yellowish green.


SG215 1911 ½d. Blue-green, used on outsized “View Card” of Balmoral Castle.


SG215 c.1902 ½d. Blue-green (perfin) on superbly printed envelope.


SG215 Fine ½d. Green Newspaper wrapper uprated with 1902 ½d. Dull Blue-green. D.L.R and SG248 9d. Dull Purple and Ultramarine.


SG215 LEDBURY error “445” (was Leatherhead) plus corrected on Downey.


SG215 var. 1902 ½d. Die Proof.


SG215- SG245 1902 First Day of Issue.


SG215/ SG219 1902 ½d. “A” control examples with matching First Day of Issue cds’s.


SG215/ SG219 1904 Antigua Stationery envelope to London and redirected.


SG215var 1902 ½d. A and B control blocks of 6.


SG434 1901/ 1929 CRAIGHOUSE (Jura) double ring cds example.