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SG206 1887 4½d. Green and carmine, variety “Broken Bar to Fraction”, pane F (R2/4)


SG206 1887 6d. Embossing essay, line under D.


SG206 1892 4 1/2d. Jubilee. A fine mounted mint, original gum example. Frame break above SW value square.


SG206 1892 4½d. Green and Carmine “Jubilee”. Superb used cancelled by a lovely crisp EASTBOURNE c.d.s. for DE. 29. 00.


SG206 1892 4½d. Jubilee on registered cover.


SG206 1892 4½d. Mauve and Blue-green “Jubilee”. COLOUR TRIAL.


SG206 1893 Registered stationery envelope to Holland.


SG206 1894 4 1/2d. Jubilee on neat Registered cover, London to New York.


SG206 1894 4½d. Jubilee on registered cover, London to Japan.


SG206 1894 Double letter rate of 5d. up to 1oz plus 2d. Registration fee.


SG206 1895 2d. Blue registered stationery envelope.


SG206 1895 Registered cover, Tottenham to Michigan, USA.


SG206 1896 2d. Blue registered stationery envelope.


SG206 1899 4½d. Jubilee on Registered cover, Woodstock to Sydney, Australia.


SG206 1900 4 1/2d. Jubilee on registered cover, Charing Cross to Nicaragua via New York and Granada.


SG206s 1892 4½d. Jubilee SPECIMEN type 9. Superb unmounted.


SG206var 1898 4½d. Green and deep scarlet on registered stationery envelope.