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SG159 / SG169 Entire from MANCHESTER to MONTE VIDEO “via Lisbon”.


SG167, 169 & 172 1880 1½d. Venetian Red, 1881 5d. Indigo and 1d. Lilac. Die II.


SG169 1881 1/2d. Indigo. Envelope to WALSHAM.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo on cover (top flap missing), Kirkcudbright to Bengal, India.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo superb cds used, MELROSE, JU.5.84.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo, vertical pair on envelope, London to Toronto, Canada.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. “SPECIMEN” Type 9.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. A fine used example, part late fee duplex.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. Fine used on envelope from Bromley to Hong Kong via Brindisi.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. Irregular block of nine cancelled by the 'A25' numeral of Malta.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. Neat, small envelope to Calcutta. neatly cancelled by the 498 Manchester duplex.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. Plate Proof. Black on thick white wove paper.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. Very fine cds example- GUERNSEY?


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. Very fine used, BARNSTAPLE cds.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo.Fine used cancelled by the CONTINETAL NIGHT MAIL cds for 29.SP.82.


SG169 1882 5d. Indigo on neat cover, Dorchester to Hong Kong, dated OC.5.82.


SG169 1883 5d. Indigo on cover to Maine, USA, tied by London E. C duplex for JA.12.83.


SG169 1883 5d. Indigo on neat uncreased envelope, London E. C squared circle dated JA.19.83 to Hong Kong.


SG169 1884 5d. Indigo cover Broughton to Hong Kong.


SG169 5d. Indigo on neat Registered cover to Heidelberg, Grand Duchy of Baden.