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SG165 & SG170 1880/81 1/2d. Green and 1d. Lilac Die I (14 Dots). Horizontal pair of the 1d. Lilacs, plus the 1/2d. making the 2 1/2d. rate


SG165 1880 ½d. Pale Green and SG172 1d. Lilac. Used on Royal household mail.


SG165 1880 ½d. Pale Green uprating ½d. Brown Stationery Post Card from London to Vosges, France.


SG165 1880 ½d. Pale green, fine looking marginal block of 10. Unmounted original gum.


SG165 1880 ½d. Pale Green. IMPRIMATUR – Plate 2.


SG165 1880/ 81 ½d. Pale green. “B01” trial cancel by DLR in preparing documents of 17.Oct.1884.


SG165 1881 ½d. Pale green, used to uprate 1d. UPU, from Liverpool to St. Lucia, West Indies.


SG165 1882 1/2d. Pale-green perfined “CROWN BT” on printed wrapper to COPENHAGEN, dated AU.2.1882.


SG165 1882 Advertising postcard, “Jenner + Knewstub” (Jermyn Street). Surplus stock sale of bric a brac used wiithin London with a 1/2d green.


SG165 1882 Public Record Office envelope, from London to USA.


SG165 1882 ½d. Pale green on large part “per Half Penny Post” wrapper.


SG165 1883 2½d. rate, Ipswich to Paris with fiscal small format 1d…


SG165 De La Rue 1880 Tender for the 1/2d., 1 1/2d. and 2d. values.


SG165/ 66 1880 ½d. Pale green and 1d. Venetian red used on local London envelope.


STATIONERY/ ADVERTISING. One cover sent to Zurich, one sent to Paris.