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SG153, SG156 & SG48 1878 St. Andrews to New York, USA. Franked 1/ 1/2d.. (five times the 2 1/2d. letter rate).


SG156 & SG47. 1876 8d. Orange (FK) and 2d Deep blue Pl.15 (PG). Used on Mourning envelope from Brighton to Simla, northern hills of India.


SG156 1867 8d. Orange, FE, neat ABERDEEN cds for MR.10.81.


SG156 1869 Bristol Cloth Covered Cancels. A selection of 4 stamps, plus one cover, clearly showing this unusual cancel.


SG156 1876 8d. Brown orange Imperf. Colour trial, diagonally overprinted SPECIMEN Type 11.


SG156 1876 8d. Brown orange, CL. Imperforate colour trial, overprinted Specimen type 11.


SG156 1876 8d. Die proof from the DLR archives, cut down and mounted in a frame.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange EG, fine used with a 240 duplex of Deal, Kent.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange Pl.1 (KH). Wmk. Large Garter. Envelope from DUBLIN to QUEENSLAND “Via Brindisi & Brisbane”


SG156 1876 8d. Orange Pl.1 (MA). Neat uncreased envelope sent from CHELMSFORD to KANGRA VALLEY, INDIA…


SG156 1876 8d. Orange Pl.1 (MD). Envelope from SLOUGH to CENTRAL INDIA “via Brindisi”


SG156 1876 8d. Orange Pl.1 (PC). Wmk. Large Garter. Fine used example. Cat. £350.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange Pl.1 (PD). Delightful neat envelope sent from RIPLEY, YORKSHIRE to CEYLON cancelled by a cracking c.d.s. for JA. 2. 79.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange Pl.1. Die Proof.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange plate 1, SH. Watermark Large Garter. Good used example.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange, NK, Dumfries cds for DE.17.77. Rare stamp with cds. Fine colour.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange, QG on cover, Bath to India.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange, vertical pair, SF-TF, misperforated from the T row, upwards with vertical perf misaligned due to a paper “ruck”.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange. Pl.1. Wmk Large Garter.(CJ-BJ)


SG156 1876 8d. Pale Orange-yellow (AK). MPERFORATE COLOUR TRIAL


SG156 1876 8d. Pale orange-yellow, RH. Imperforate colour trial. Fine and fresh original gum.


SG156 1877 8d. Orange + 6d. Grey plate 15, paying the 1/2d. Rate, up to 1/2oz, Deal to Shanghae via Brindisi and Hong Kong.


SG156 1877 8d. Orange AA – AB pair, paying the double rate to Wellington, New Zealand.


SG156 1877 8d. Orange, DI, on cover Lochgilphead to India, paying 8d. up to ½oz rare.


SG156 1877 8d. Orange, SC, on cover, Hastings to Bombay, re-directed on arrival to Sawantwari.


SG156 1877/ 78 Pair of “matching” 8d. entires going from Bath to Bareilly, North East Provinces, India.


SG156 1878 8d. Orange, ND, on neat cover, Hastings via Brindisi to Chakrata, N. W. Province, East India.


SG156 1878 8d. Orange, two paying the double rate of 8d. up to ½oz weight, from West Brompton to India.


SG156 1879 7 1/2d. Triple rate cover to British Columbia, paid 8dd. Neat London “94” duplex for May 6th 1879. This 8d. BNA is the only one recorded – 1/2d. overpayment.