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SG125 1873 Superb 5 colour franking on small piece.


SG144 & SG147 1876 Registered wrapper from London to Vienna.


SG147 – 1874 6d. Grey. (MH, ML) Wmk Spray. to SINGAPORE


SG147 – 1874 6d. Grey. Wmk Spray. Woolwich to Suez.


SG147 – 1875 6d. Grey (HH). Wmk Spray. Unmounted o.g.


SG147 1873 6d. Grey plate 15, TH. Superb used, Denby Dale cds. Pretty stamp.


SG147 1873/ 80 6d. Grey pl. 15, BA. Superb u/m marginal example.


SG147 1874 1d. Pink envelope, uprated with 6d. plate 13 and 1d. plate 138, making 8d. rate from Suez via Marseilles to Scotland.


SG147 1874 1d. Rose-red, pl. 150 x2, plus 6d. pl. 13 paying the special Registration rate for Parliamentary Notices.


SG147 1874 6d. Grey Pl.13 (TF). Wmk. Spray. Mourning envelope sent from DUBLIN to SIERRA LEONE…


SG147 1874 6d. Grey, plate 13, NG-OH, block of 4. Perfect FORT AUGUSTUS central cds.


SG147 1874 6d. Grey, plate 13, RC-RD. Superb used pair, cancelled contrary to regulations by a single FORT AUGUSTUS cds.


SG147 1874 6d. Grey, plate 13, RF. Wmk Spray. Wrapper from London to Messina, superb “89” duplex…


SG147 1874 6d. Grey, plate 16, TB. Very fine, NIGHT MAIL CARRIAGE cds.


SG147 1874 6d. Grey. (DA). Wmk Spray.


SG147 1874 6d. Grey. (GL).Wmk Spray. Fine, mint o.g. example.


SG147 1874 6d. Grey. Pl.13. (GJ).Wmk Spray. Fine unused o.g.


SG147 1874 6d. Grey. Pl.14. (GD). Very scarce usage. Cancelled soley by red ‘PD’ in oval.


SG147 1874 Cover from London to Messina with 6d. grey. plate 13 pair, PF-PG.


SG147 1875 6d. Deep grey, plate 14, AG. Superb used “long stamp from A row”. Neat London cds for AP.15.75.


SG147 1875 6d. Deep grey, plate 14, PJ, on cover, Shoreham to Honolulu, Hawaii, via San Francisco.


SG147 1875 6d. Grey Pl.14 (BB & OL). Wmk. Spray. Wrapper from MANCHESTER to PUEBLA, MEXICO “Via Liverpool”…


SG147 1875 6d. Grey Pl.14 (JG). Wmk. Spray. Large part entire sent from NORTH SHEILDS to GENOVA.


SG147 1875 6d. Grey Pl.14 (KA).


SG147 1875 6d. Grey, plate 14, BA. Superb used, neat upright VALPARISO PAID cds.


SG147 1875 6d. Grey, plate 14, DG, on cover, London to New Zealand, dated DE.16.75.


SG147 1876 6d. Grey (CB). Wmk. Spray. Small neat envelope from SELKIRK to BERMUDA “via New York”.


SG147 1876 6d. Grey (PC – QC). Wmk. Spray. Vertical pair on entire from MANCHESTER “via Southampton” to MONTE VIDEO, URUGUAY.


SG147 1876 6d. Grey, plate 15, ML. Very fine used.


SG147 1876 Mourning envelope with 1d. plate 145, TG and 6d. plate 15 – paying 7d. rate via New York, to Bermuda.


SG147 1876 Newcastle (Newry), entire letter franked 6d. (plate 15) & 1d. via New York to Bermuda at the 7d. rate.


SG147 1878 6d. Grey (JK). Wmk. Spray. Affixed sideways on envelope from HARROW to BADULLA, CEYLON.


SG147 1878 6d. Grey Pl.16 (JB). Wmk. Spray. Neat uncreased envelope sent from FARNBORO STATION “via Brindisi” to the 60th Rifles (King’s Royal Rifle Corps) DAGSHAI, INDIA…


SG147 1878 6d. Grey, plate 16 wrapper from Manchester to Veracruz, Mexico.


SG147 1878 6d. Grey, plate 16, EG. Thin “6” at left variety- unlisted. Neat, dated cds for JU.19.78.


SG147 1878 6d. Grey, plate 16, PC. Vivid BLUE South Shields cds for SP.1.79. Excellent strike.


SG147 1879 6d. Grey pl. 16 (IF), Hungerford to Negapatam, East Indies, redirected to Calcutta.


SG147 1879 6d. Grey pl. 16, GH, on cover.


SG147 1879 6d. Grey plate 16, SB, Southampton to the Captain of P+O S. S. “Malacca”.


SG147 1879 6d. Grey, plate 16, CD, on advertising cover.


SG147 1880 6d. Grey Pl.17 (PH) and 1880 4d. Grey-brown Pl.17 (OL). Envelope sent by Registered mail from BRIGHTON to BUENOS AIRES with a privately produced red “REGISTERED” label at left.


SG147 1880 6d. Grey plate 17, NG. Used on cover, London to South Australia, per “Orient” line, via Plymouth.


SG147 1881 6d. Grey, plate 17 on “Eugene Rimmel” advertising cover.


SG147 pl. 16. 1880 Second Afghan War – a fine cover!


SG147 Wi.1874 6d. Grey.Pl.17.(MA).Wmk Spray Inverted.


SG51 1880 1 1/2d. pl.3 plus SG147 6d. pl. 17 GA on 2d. Registered envelope, Preston to Rotterdam.