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1867 Unpaid envelope, WINDSOR to LYNDHURST.
Fine 890 duplex and large manuscript '2' denoting 2d Postage Due; dated MY.20.1867. Attractive. ..
SG17 1855 1d. pl. 188 (ND) on neat envelope to WINDSOR, neatly cancelled with the READING "biscuit" spoon.
Dated JA.10.55. Attractive (RCSAIH).  ..
SG Number: SG17
Plate No.: 188
SG172 1883 1d. Lilac on printed envelope, Windsor to Marlow.
Shows a messenger on delivery to a "gent". Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG172
SG172 1889 1d. Lilac on envelope from Windsor to Edinburgh, 11th March 1989.
Reverse showing a galloping racehorse with a lovely pun, "In a hurry for the post!".  ..
SG Number: SG172
SG216 & 220 1902 ½d. Blue-green. D.L.R and 1d. Bright Scarlet. D.L.R (x2). Envelope from WINDSOR to BIARRITZ, FRANCE.
Cancelled by double ring c.d.s’s for JA. 6. 04. The cover exceeded the 2½d. Letter Rate and was d..
SG Number: SG216
SG321 1911 Windsor Flight postcard, red-brown, uprated to a 1d. and sent to Germany.
Nice combination of EDVII and KGV stamps. Nice overseas use.  ..
SG Number: SG321
SG327 1911 1d. Carmine-red. Die 1A. Watermark Crown. FIRST U.K AERIAL POST - LONDON to WINDSOR
Envelope addressed to Bromley, printed in dark brown, cancelled by the large Aerial Post double r..
SG Number: SG327
SG43 1864 1d. Rose-red, pl. 93, QH. Late use. Superb used on small envelope, cancelled by a cracking Windsor double ring cds for JA.28.07- over 40 years after the issue date!
Stamps of Queen Victoria we invalidated in 1915.  ..
SG Number: SG43
Plate No.: 93
SG439 1936 Mourning cover, Windsor to Preston with ½d. Photogravure.
Used on 28th Jan 1936, the day the late King George V was buried at St. Georges Chapel, Windsor. ..
SG Number: SG439