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SG346Wk 1912 ½d. Green Die 2 Multiple Cypher INVERTED and REVERSED watermark. Superb used.
Marginal example. Spec N6(1)c.  ..
SG Number: SG346Wk
SG362Wk 1912/ 22 1/2d. Red-brown INVERTED and REVERSED wmk. Superb u/m corner block of 30.
Fresh multiple. Spec N18d.  ..
SG Number: SG362Wk
SG370Wk 1912/ 22 2d. Orange die II INVERTED and REVERSED WMK.
A superb u/m marginal block of four. Scarce wmk variety. Spec N20(1)c.  ..
SG Number: SG370Wk
SG371Wj - 1912 2½d. Cobalt-blue. (deep shade) Royal Cypher. Reversed WMK.
Superb unmounted corner block of four. Very fresh. Spec N21(1)c. ..
SG Number: SG371
SG372Wj 1912/ 22 1/2d. Ultramarine REVERSED WMK.
Superb u/m marginal block of four. Spec N21(19)c. ..
SG Number: SG372Wj
SG374Wj 1912/ 22 3d. Violet REVERSED WMK. A fine o.g example of this rare wmk variety.
Seldom seen. Ex Lady Mairi Bury. Spec N22(c). ..
SG Number: SG374Wj
SG378Wk var 1921 4d. Grey-green INVERTED and REVERSED WMK, break above O of FOUR R19/2.
A superb u/m R21 control block of 6 from plate 1d. This combination not listed SG. Spec N23de.&nb..
SG Number: SG378Wk
SG390 Wi.1913 8d. Black on Yellow. Royal Cypher. Reversed WMK.
Superb unmounted marginal example. Very fresh. Scarce. Spec N28c. ..
SG Number: SG390
SG408var. Wj 1915/ 18 DLR 2/ 6d. Blackish brown. Reversed watermark. Superb used, full corner example. Spec N64(14)g; unpriced SG.
Neatly cancelled with small part Registered oval- rarely seen. RPS Cert.  ..
SG Number: SG408var. Wj
SGD4wj + "D4var 1914 2d. Agate watermark Inverted and Reversed, with top row showing OSTAGE watermark...
Plus end stamp almost without watermark! Spec R4b, R4ba and R4c. Scarce piece.  ..
SG Number: SGD4wj
SGO065 - 1887 1½d. Dull Purple and Pale Green. GOVT. PARCELS. Reversed “7” for “T”.
Used block of four with CHESTER cancel…stamp 2/2 with unlisted varieties Reversed “7” for “T” on ..
SG Number: SGO65
SGO070  Var.1891 2d. Green and Carmine. GOVT. PARCELS. 'Reversed 7 for T'.
Very fine unmounted o.g. strip of three overprinted 'SPECIMEN' Type 9. The centre with variety.....
SG Number: SGO70