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1878/ 80 De La Rue progressive head die (2) with 3 lines in bandeau at back of head.
First line of shading above eyebrow incomplete, in black with uncleared surround on glazed card a..
SG322 1911/ 22 1/2d. Green watermark Crown. Fine original gum block, left hand pair with kiss print giving rise to doubling along frame lines and value tablet.
Unusual. ..
SG Number: SG322
SG45 & 64 1858 2d. Blue Pl.7 (KB). Thick Lines and 1856 4d. Pale Carmine. Ordinary Thin White Paper. Wmk. Medium Garter. Entire from LONDON to TORINO.
Cancelled by the Inland Office numeral “21” with red “PD” in oval and company cachet below. Rever..
SG Number: SG45 & 64
SG45 & 87 1861 2d. Blue Pl.9 (LC & IC) Thick Lines and 1862 9d. Straw Pl.2 (OD wing margin removed).
Mourning envelope from EDINBURGH to ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT Via Marseilles cancelled by the 131 duplex ..
SG Number: SG45
SG45 & 94 1868 2d. Blue Pl.12 (KH). Thick Lines 1868 4d. Vermilion Pl.10 (NA). Wmk. Large Garter. LATE FEE Payment.
Entire from LONDON to PARIS cancelled by the Inland Office “105” duplex for JA. 19. 69. The 4d. p..
SG Number: SG45
Plate No.: 12
SG45 & SG70 1859 2d. Blue, plate 8, SF. Thick lines and 1856 6d. Pale lilac. Watermark Emblems.
Brocklehurst registered entire from London to Macclesfield, cancelled by the Inland Office numera..
SG Number: SG70
SG45 1861 2d. Blue, plate 9, FK. Thick lines, repaired impression. The 1866 extensive hand retouch and 1868 re-entry.
Early and late states, 1, 2 and 3. Very scarce group. Spec G2i.  ..
SG Number: SG45
Plate No.: 9
SG45 1861 2d. Blue, plate 9, IL. Thick lines, repaired impression - The 1866 & 1868 re-entries.
States 1, 2 and 3. Very scarce trio. G2i. ..
SG Number: SG45
Plate No.: 9
SG46 & 103 1871 2d. Blue Pl.14 (MB). Thin Lines and 1872 3d. Rose Pl.9 (TJ). Wmk. Spray.
Wrapper from LONDON to STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN “ Pr. Hull Steamer” cancelled by “89” duplex handstamps ..
SG Number: SG103
SG46 & 144 1871 2d. Blue Pl.14 (OC). Thin Lines and 1874 3d. Pale Rose Pl.14 (QJ). Wmk. Spray. Wrapper from LIVERPOOL to SWEDEN.
Cancelled by “466” duplex handstamps for 13. JU. 74. with large red “2½d” accountancy mark alongs..
SG Number: SG144
SG46 & 165 1876 2d. Blue Pl.15 (NL). Thin Lines and 1880 ½d. Pale Green. Late use of the 2d. on envelope from OXFORD to PARIS cancelled by “603” duplex handstamps for JY. 4. 82.
SG Number: SG46
SG46 & SG123 1871 2d. Blue, plate 14, EF. Thin lines and 1872 6d. Pale buff, plate 11, HC. Small envelope, Portsmouth to Suez, via Brindisi.
Cancelled by a super crisp 625 duplex for MR.20.73, with neat arrival cds below for the 28th. No ..
SG Number: SG123
Plate No.: 11
SG46Wi 1869 2d. Blue, plate 13, SB. Thin lines, watermark inverted. Good used.
Cancelled by London 88 Inland Office duplex. Cat. £300. Spec G3c. ..
SG Number: SG46Wi
Plate No.: 13
SG46Wi 1869 Blue, plate 13, PG. Thin lines, watermark inverted. Very fine used.
Cancelled by part numeral handstamp. Cat. £300. Spec G3c. ..
SG Number: SG46Wi
Plate No.: 13
SG85 1865 6d. Lilac, deepish shade, with hair lines, on cover, London to Frankfurt.
Dated Jan.25.1865. Fine blue "Aus England per Aachen" cachet.  ..
SG Number: SG85
SGL212 1876 6d. Telegraph die proof in black on glazed card, dated Nov. 7th 1876. Shading lines around chin, incomplete.
Blank letter squares and plate number circles. Pencil detail of lips alongside.  ..
SG Number: SGL212