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1840 1d. Mulready envelope A 150 First Day of Use. Birmingham to Kent via London, with both dispatch and transit cds's dated MY.6.1840- unusual to find a cds on the front.
Orange red maltese cross. Rare. RPS Cert, ex John Bohn. Cat. £18,000.  ..
SG Number: SGME2
1840 1d. Mulready envelope A145. Bakewell to Rye, cancelled with a pinkish-red maltese cross and matching despatch cds.
Dated JY.1840. Scarce.  ..
1840 1d. Mulready envelope A170. Bakewell to Langholme, cancelled contrary to regulations, missing Britannia.
Maltese cross and despatch cds for AU.6.40, in a pinkish-red. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SGME2
1840 1d. Mulready envelope, A150, First Day of Use. Birmingham to Kent via London, with both dispatch and transit cds's dated MY.6.1840.
Unusual to find a cds on the front. Orange red maltese cross. Rare. RPS Cert. Ex John Bohn. Cat. ..
1840 1d. Mulready envelope, forme 3 stereo 162, used locally in Birmingham. Simply addressed to "The Law Bailiff". Very unusual.
With a bright red-orange Birmingham maltese cross and despatch cds on reverse, for 19th October 1..
1840 2d. Mulready envelope, a202, London to Bath, underpaid with circular "More to Pay" and m/s "4" (double the defficiency of 2d).
Dated September 22nd. A superb Postage Due cover - rare on the 2d! (M13/07/25) CHCS. Ex Mayflower..
1840 Gold Printed "Ladies" Envelope. Wonderful "miniature" envelope sent from GREENWICH to LINCOLN'S INN...
cancelled by "PD JA 13 1840" lozenge in red ink also Greenwich Penny Post Paid handstamp. Fabulou..
1840 Mulready 1d. envelope A136. The Lord Holland forgery.
A photo facsimile distributed by photographer T. M. Hinton to advertise his work at the 1890 Stam..
1840 Mulready envelope (A166) Orange maltese cross of Auchterarder.
Dec 17th 1840. Nice bright orange with corresponding despatch on reverse. Attractive and rare. Ca..
1840 SGME2 1d Mulready Envelope used in London with neat complete MC in red, along with a super MILL HILL mark in black
Dated JY.11.40. Scarce marking.Stereo A161, forme 3. ..
1841 1d. House of Commons envelope, used on April 13th 1841 with nice H of C red wax seal on reverse.
Addressed to Liverpool (?). Fine condition. Cat. £6000. Private Treaty Sale. ..
1841 1d. Mulready envelope, A165, Driffield to Bridlington. Neat black maltese cross with despatch and arrival cds's on the front.
Dated MY.20.41. Attractive.  ..
1842 1d. Mulready envelope A151, neatly cancelled contrary to regulations by a nice, black maltese cross.
Sent from London to Broadway, Worchestershire. Attractive and uncreased. Dated 19.AP.42. ..
SG Number: SGME2
1842 1d. Pink envelope to Chipping Norton, crisply cancelled with the CLITHEROE maltese cross.
Cds alongside dated AU.5.1842; R+J only have seven recorded, between 1841 and 1844. A super cover..
1842 1d. Pink envelope used from Exeter to Edinburgh. Bold cds cancelling.
Dated FE.8.42. Feint Penny Post two line alongside. Quite stunning! Rare.  ..
1842 1d. Pink envelope, brilliant BARRASBRIDGE R.H boxed dispatch mark to Berwickshire.
Dated DE.19.42. Black maltese cross. A stunning stationery cover.  ..
1842 1d. Pink Stationery envelope, forwarded by Coutts & Co., Strand to Lucern, Switzerland via France.
Dated FE.16.42. Neat maltese cross, plus London paid alongside. Curiously rated at 1/- 2d. with o..
1842 2d. Blue. Superb quality envelope sent from TIPERARY to LONDON cancelled by a cracking black MC.
Reverse with dispatch c.d.s. for JA. 21. 1842. and Waterford transit for the 22nd. red London arr..
1843 1d. Pink envelope to Ludlow, sent from Knighton (udc on reverse) with a fine, clean mc cancelling the pink.
Dated Ludlow AU.28.43. Although not distinctive it does show that the mc was eventually cleaned p..
1843 1d. Pink stationery envelope, small size, sent from Dublin to Wexford and cancelled with the distinctive Dublin maltese cross, which has a constant break in the outer cross.
Dated 11th Nov. 1843. Scarce so fine. Stationery.  ..
1843 2d. Mulready envelope a195, London No.1 in maltese cross, to Missenden with Amersham cds on front.
Nice red "Too Late" handstamp, dated 20.JU.1843. Attractive and rare. Cat. £12,000. ..
1844 1d. Pink Envelope (Huggins EP3b). Used from ROSS to CASTLECOMER and cancelled by the very rare and distinctive straight sided ROSS MALTESE CROSS in black.
Dated AP. 19. 1844. On reverse. The earliest of the two known examples on 1d. Pink envelopes. Few..
1844 1d. Pink mourning envelope, Brighton to London. BRIGHTON maltese cross dated 20.AP.1844.
Re-directed back to London. A fine re-directed cover with this scarce distinctive mc.  ..
1845 1d. Pink envelope, 905 numeral of Wolverhampton to Cheltenham, with a superb strike of the rare "Missent To/ Railway Post Office" in black.
Dated 25.Nov.1845. Excellent quality. Rare Railway cover.  ..
1845 1d. Pink envelope, superb used, crisp 516 numeral of Marlborough, dated MY.5.45. Exceptional quality.
1845 Mulready 1d. envelope (A159). Late use with Irish "8" in diamond of Armagh to Dublin, dated SE.18.45.
Super item. Scarce (VAX). ..
1848 1d. Pink envelope to St. John's Wood, neatly cancelled by the 61 numeral in oval of bars of Willesden.
Dated on reverse, MR.7.48. Scarce. Stationery.  ..
1848 1d. Pink envelope, Kingston Penny Post. handstamp on reverse, to Exeter. Cancelled with a black maltese cross.
On the front is the boxed "T.P Kens. W. O." with a Hounslow transit. Attractive and unusual, date..
1849 Stationery 1d. Pink envelope to London, cancelled with a deep blue 784 numeral of Tenby.
Dated on reverse SP.23.49. Attractive.  ..
1850 1d. Red-brown, DJ. P14. Used on mourning envelope from Strabane to Bunsatty.
Cancelled AP.20.1859. Limerick transit and reverse with Newmarket-on-Fergus arrival for the 22nd...
SG Number: SG40
1852 1d. Pink envelope to Milnthorpe, neat BLUE 995 numeral.
Dated BRIERLEY HILL JY.25.1852. Attractive and scarce.  ..
1853 1d. Pink envelope to Exeter with very fine BLUE numeral of Woburn with matching dispatch cds on reverse.
Dated FE.12.53. Also in BLUE is a udc of ASPLEY. Attractive stationery item.  ..
1854 1d. Pink. Envelope sent from QUEENBOROUGH via SITTINGBOURNE to ROCHESTER cancelled by the red “633” numeral.
Dispatch, transit and arrival c.d.s’s on reverse for DE. 16/17. 1854. Rare coloured cancel on 1d...
1855 Envelope sent from Portsmouth to Cork without postage... cancelled by the sideways 625 duplex for DE.4.1855.
With a blue Portsea transit at left, along with a large "2" Postage Due handstamp. Reverse with t..
1855 Registered 1d. Pink envelope, with cut to shape 6d. embossed, paying the registration.
From Manchester to Macclesfield, dated NO.9.1855. Neat straight line "Registered" alongside. Attr..
1856 1d. Pink envelope,  uprated with 1d. red-brown, LCp14, JD, neatly cancelled with the PRESTON sideways duplex.
Dated NO.8.1856. Scarce so fine.  ..
1856 Crimean War; unstamped envelope from the Crimea to Bungay, Suffolk.
Neat green arrival cds for MY.23.1856- 3(d.) postage due- in block m/s. Attractive.  ..
1858 1d Pink Envelope to Leamington, superbly cancelled with the experimental Kingstown '289' duplex dated NO.27.58.
The famous Irish 'Trollope' as it is known. ..
1858 1d Pink Envelope YORK SPOON
Super cancel of the York Spoon, dated FE 9 1858 and addressed to New Bond Street, London. London ..
1858 1d. Pink envelope with contents, sent underpaid from Burton on Trent to Durham.
Manuscript "over 1/2 oz" and "2" denoting postage due. Attractive "spoon" cover. Postal Stationer..
1858 1d. Pink stationery envelope sent from Kilmelford to London with a crisp strike of the boxed Scots Local cancel, type VIII.
Oban transit on reverse, AU.5.1858. Alcock scarcity "E". Superb.  ..
1858 1d. red-brown LC14, plate 34 on neat envelope to Leicester, neatly cancelled with the Blue Nottingham sideways duplex.
Dated JY.16.1856. Rare coloured cancel.  ..
1858 1d. Rose-red plate 48, on neat mourning envelope to Bristol.
Neatly cancelled with the Belfast 62 Spoon, dated 16.Sept.1858. Alongside is the two line "White ..
SG Number: SGC10
Plate No.: 48
1859 1d. Pink envelope to DUNGARVAN, neat ENNISKILLEN English type spoon.
Dated AP.1.1859 - nice "Missent from/ to Dungannon" alongside. A super Irish cover. Stationery/ S..
1867 Unpaid envelope, WINDSOR to LYNDHURST.
Fine 890 duplex and large manuscript '2' denoting 2d Postage Due; dated MY.20.1867. Attractive. ..
1874 Envelope sent from EDINBURGH to PEEBLES without postage.
Cancelled by the “131” duplex for AP. 18. 74. and duly marked in manuscript “2” denoting 2d. Post..
1874 Envelope sent WITHOUT POSTAGE. Cancelled by the EDINBURGH DOTTED CIRCLE - Arundal Type A9.
Addressed to PEEBLES cancelled by a fine strike of the “131” duplex for OC. 12. 74. with a large ..
1878 1d. Pink envelope, uprated with 2d. blue, plate 15 and sent Registered from Lymington to London.
Dated FE.14.78. Unusual and attractive combination. ..
1881 1d. Lilac O.W. OFFICIAL o'prnt sent from Kensington Office on O.H.M.S envelope to High Wycombe.
South Kensington SW cds of April 8th 1902.  ..
SG Number: SG172
1884 2d. Registered envelope with Inland Revenue stamp to Dublin.
Dated NO.14.84. Unusually not surcharged.  ..
1887 1d. Pink "John Warner & Sons, London" Advertising envelope in brown.
Showing the different pumps the company manufactured. Not seen in this colour before! Superb stat..
1887 US 5c on 1d. Pink envelope, sent from Waterbury, Connecticut to London, dated March 24th 1887.
London backstamp. Rear back flap missing. Very unusual use of a 1d. pink!  ..
1890 2½d. Claret Stationery envelope, Ipswich to Morocco. Nice squared circle dated JY.1.90.
With arrival 5 days later. Whitfield King & Co. imprint. Nice quality. Stationery.  ..
1890 Railway Station postmarks, 1d. Blue commemorative envelope, marking 50th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Penny Post in 1840.
To Ludlow with Wellington College Station squared circle, for 2nd July- the First Day of use of t..
1890 Uniform 1d. Post Jubilee envelope, cancelled with the scarce small size hand stamp.
Dated 2.JY.1890, the first day of type 2 hand stamp.  ..
1890 Uniform Penny Post Jubilee envelope with all 5 handstamps, 2 on reverse.
All dated 2nd July 1890. Scarce.  ..
1891 1d. Pink envelope with attractive candle holder plus snuffer, drawn in ink with a letter attached.
ELY to TAMWORTH dated NO.24.1891. Attractive and unusual.  ..
1894 1/2d. Orange postal stationery envelope, sent from Stamboul to New York - printed matter rate?
Charged at 2 1/2d. foreign letter rate "T/20" underpayment in centimes - US postage dues applied ..
1894 Railway Station postmarks, ½d. Stationery envelope from Seaton, Devon to Bletchingly, dated 30th July 1894.
Re-directed to London with the ½d. A21 postage due mark of Redhill Station, alongside Redhill Sta..
1898 2 1/2d. Grey Stationery envelope, Kilburn, N.W. London to Nyasaland, British Central Africa.
Dated JA.20.98. Kilburn 60 duplex. Unusual destination, via Chinde, BCA. ..
1900 Envelope used locally in London with a Gibraltar 1d. Rose, not allowed for Postage.
Handstamped "Contrary to Regulations" and charged 2d. Postage Due, dated AP.10.00. A fine Postage..
1900 “The Lord Chancellor” – Proof strike of the official certifying handstamp on a virtually pristine envelope with embossed seal on reverse.
 Very rare and most unusual.  ..
1901 1/2d. Orange Stationery envelope with a superb blue advert, "Use Dr. Lovelace's Soap".
Acrington to Brighouse, dated JA.18.01. Superb.  ..
1901 1d. Pink envelope, sent Registered from Berlin to London and cancelled upon arrival, 28.JY.01.
A very unusual combination and rare. Cape Town wax seal on reverse? ..
1903 Admiralty Official envelope addressed to the "Officer Commanding I.S.S Formidable" at Portishead.
Dated September, 1903.  ..
1903 Admiralty Official overprint on "1d. postage, 2d. registration" Stationery envelope, Chatham Dockyard to Cowes, Isle of Wight.
Dated AP.17.03. Slightly scruffy but still very rare! ..
1904 1/2d. Blue green on printed Tay Salmon Fisheries envelope, Perth to Grimsby.
Dated AU.11.04. A fine "Salmon fishing" cover.  ..
1904 3d. Pink stationary envelope sent Registered from Liverpool to Manchester "From District Probate Registery".
Dated 18.JU.04. Rare usage. (Ex Wiseman). ..
1905 Registered envelope using "cut outs" from postal stationery envelopes!
2d. Registration and 1d. Postage, used locally in Oxford and dated MY.9.05. Very unusual!  ..
1907 2d. Brown Registered envelope from Stanley Gibbons, London, going to Berlin.
1/- Green and carmine, used with other EDVII definitives, along with a single wax seal of Stanley..
SG Number: SG211
1907 KEVII 1d. Red Postal Stationery envelope with Morse Code. Sent from Llanelly to Wandsworth.
Cancelled by a double ring cds for DE.5.07. The address written in Morse Code, to "The Public Lib..
1911 JPS envelope to NY.USA with 1/2d Downey cancelled with the London machine cancel for JU.22.11.
The First day of the stamp and coronation day. ..
1912 OHMS 1d. Carmine on buff, postal stationery envelope with "On the Official Business of the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries", numbered 53.
Very fine unused example of this rare envelope. H & B E063. ..
1915 9d. Brown stamped to order, folded envelope, addressed to Edam, Holland.
With Reedham, Norfolk cds... presumably "philatelically inspired"! Unpriced Huggins (used). Stati..
1918 Stationery. 1½d. Red-brown "cut out" ringed in blue crayon, on envelope addressed to Devon, England.
Not cancelled, but handstamped "Postage Free". Reverse with a "B" dumb handstamp. Most unusual - ..
1918 YMCA envelope, endorsed "O.A.S" from Sutton Veny Camp, Wiltshire to South Australia.
Dated 21.SP.18 - 1/2d. War seal "stamp" affixed to front, ex-booklet. Unusual and attractive. Dum..
1920 Stampless envelope Registered from Buckingham Palace to Lewisham.
Red OFFICIAL PAID c.d.s for 2.JU.20 along with Buckingham Palace c.d.s at top right with KGV cach..
1921 British Forces - Civil War in Ireland - Field Post Office W.16 cds cancelling 2d. stationery envelope, Dublin to Devon.
Dated 13.AP.21. Scarce. Stationery.  ..
c.1840 Mulready Caricature, Fores Coaching Envelope No.6. Very fine unused example.
c.1840 Mulready Caricature, Fores Racing Envelope No.5. Very fine unused example.
Scarce.  ..
c.1920 Harry Furniss envelope and insert. Superb mint stationery item.
Pictorial Envelope. c.1860 Rose. Souvenir envelope and enclosure which opens out into the shape of a Rose with illustrations of European places of worship and interest to the tourist (both sides).
Produced by Adler, Printer and publisher Hamburg. A stunning item in fabulous condition and parti..
S.T.O. 6d. Mauve envelope uprated with 4d. Orange… sent from CROMER to MAURITIUS
cancelled by “577” duplexes for JY. 26. 77. Reverse with a fine arrival c.d.s. for August 25th. N..
SG055 1847 1s. Green envelope from CATTERICK TO PHILADELPHIA By the Steam Mail Liverpool.
Superb corner example cancelled by the '331' numeral also tied by red arrival and 5CENTS internal..
SG Number: SG55
SG069 1d Pink Envelope uprated with 2d Blue pl.7(NG) and 6d. Lilac, making 9d rate to Bombay, India.
Cancelled by the London E.C/81 duplex, dated No.18.59. ..
SG Number: SG69
SG070 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems. Top marginal pair complete with inscription'...SIX PENCE' tied to Mourning envelope by the scarce Stockport sideways duplex for DE.26.1856.
Addressed to Boston, USA with a fine 'N.York BR. PKT.' Paid cds and 5c accountancy mark, both in ..
SG Number: SG70
SG1 1840 1d. Intense Black (QH). Small envelope from ST. ASAPH to BANGOR.
Very fine good to wide margined example cancelled by a neat strike of the red MC with a doub..
SG Number: SG1
Plate No.: 4
SG101 1865 1s. Green Pl.4 (TH). Wmk. Emblems. Right hand wing marginal on small envelope sent from LONDON to GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN “Via Hull”
cancelled by the “W/13” duplex for MY. 12. 65. No markings on reverse. Neat cover.  ..
SG Number: SG101
Plate No.: 4
SG102 &109 1873 3d. Deep Rose. Pl.7 (FI)and 6d. Mauve Pl.9 (SI). Yellow envelope from Devenport to HMS Basilisk, Sydney, Australia 'or Elsewhere'.
Crisp '250' duplexes for MY.16.72. Manuscript note - 'Recd.At Noumea (New Caledonia) 12 Sept 72'...
SG Number: SG102
Plate No.: 7
SG103 1868 3d. Rose Pl.5 (LB). Used on envelope addressed to BLOIS and solely cancelled by the “3734” ST MALO dotted lozenge with red transit alongside…
 in all probability sent from the Channel Islands. Scarce and attractive use.  ..
SG Number: SG103
Plate No.: 5
SG103, SG123 1873 6d. Pale-buff, LK-LL pl. 12, plus 3d. Rose pl. 9, LJ, on neat envelope Liverpool to Chinkiang, China.
Dated 2.MY.73 at the rate of 1/3d. for 1/2oz. Sent via Brindisi to Alexandria and via Suez onward..
SG Number: SG123
SG108 1870 Registered envelope, London to New York via Cork with 4d. registration, plus 6d. postage.
Travelling via "City of London" and dated FE.24.1870. A scarce Registered transatlantic rate! Pla..
SG Number: SG108
Plate No.: 8
SG109 - 1869 6d. Mauve (SL). Wmk Spray.Advertising envelope for the “FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE COMPANY”.
Sent from LONDON to SAN FRANCISCO” cancelled by the “105” Inland Office duplex for JU. 16. 69. wi..
SG Number: SG109
Plate No.: 8
SG109 1869 6d. Mauve Pl.8 (HC). Without Hyphen. Wmk. Spray. Envelope from LIVERPOOL to MAINE, USA…
cancelled by the “466” duplex for 13. SP. 69. with a smudged New York receiving c.d.s. for the 26..
SG Number: SG109
Plate No.: 8
SG109 1869 6d. Mauve Pl.8 (HK). Without Hyphen. Wmk. Spray. Stampless envelope sent from NASHVILLE, USA to LIVERPOOL ...
cancelled by blue AP. 17. Dispatch c.d.s. On arrival in Liverpool re-directed to DRESDEN, Germany..
SG Number: SG109
Plate No.: 8
SG109 1870 6d. Mauve Pl.9 (CJ). Without Hyphen. Wmk. Spray. Envelope from GUERNSEY to NEW ZEALAND “Via San Francisco”
cancelled by a crisp “324” duplex for JY. 26. 71. Reverse with London transit for the 27th and th..
SG Number: SG109
SG117 1879 1/- Green, plate 4, BB, on OHMS envelope from Castlebar, (Co. Mayo) to Holbart Town, Tasmania.
Sent from "District Asylum, Castlebar" and dated May 9th 1879. Neat receiver on reverse. Fine Iri..
SG Number: SG117
Plate No.: 4
SG122var 1872 6d. Very Deep Chestnut Pl.11 (OI). Wmk. Spray. Left wing marginal on small neat, uncreased envelope sent from LONDON to FLORENCE...
cancelled by a neat “N.W/3” duplex for JU. 17. 72. Arrival on reverse for the 20th. Scarce stamp…..
SG Number: SG122var
Plate No.: 11
SG125 1874 Mourning envelope, London to the Barbados Railway.
With two 6d's, plate 12, dated AP.15.74. Neat receiver alongside. A good destination.  ..
SG Number: SG125
Plate No.: 12
SG139 1875 2½d. Rosy Mauve Pl.3 (FK). Wmk. Anchor. White Paper. Envelope sent from DERBY to PHILADELPHIA via the Cunard Steamship “China”…
cancelled by the “242” duplex for DE. 10. 75. No markings on reverse.  ..
SG Number: SG139
Plate No.: 3