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1855 CRIMEA - unpaid cover sent to Early, Reading. Charged just 3d. postage due, not double the deficiency?
Dated NO.8.55. A fine "Due" cover. Attractive. Reading receiver alongside.  ..
SG Number: SG17
1902 1/2d. Blue green Stationery envelope. Very early use, from Constantinople to Berne.
Dated MR.15.02. Believed the only example known. Ex. Huggins. ..
SG14/ 19/ 23 1849/ 55. 2d. Blue, plate 4. AE, AI. Early repair. A fine page.
SG Number: SG23
Plate No.: 4
SG170 1881 1d. ‘Reddish’ Lilac. Die I. Early Printing. Affixed sideways to a neat uncreased envelope sent from BATH to WORCESTER...
cancelled by a crisp squared-circle for DE. 19. 81. Reverse with arrival c.d.s. for the following..
SG Number: SG170
SG19 1854 2d. Blue Pl.4 (AA). SC. P.16. Worn Plate. Used example showing early stages of the plate wear. Spec. F1ivar.
SG Number: SG19
Plate No.: 4
SG194 1885 PARCELS POST - Woolwich with 6d dull green, neat cds for MY.18.85. Scarce early label.
SG Number: SG194
SG228 1909 2d. Pale Grey-Green & Scarlet (C) D.L.R. Distorted Tablet - “Rhombus”, Early State. (Pl.D3, R. 1/1). Unmounted o.g. top left corner example… rare so fine. Spec. M12b.
SG Number: SG228
SG418 1924 1/2d. Green. Block Cypher. Hand drawn envelope with "The early bird catches the worm" theme.
Sent from Sydenham to Cooden cancelled by 1934 cds's. From the Norris correspondence of illustrat..
SG Number: SG418
SG45 1867 2d. Blue pl. 9, IK - early impression. Dublin to Loughrea.
Fine scratches and some corrosion blemishes but a fine Irish use.  ..
SG Number: SG45
Plate No.: 9
SG8 1843 1d. Red-brown (GA). LONDON Number “2” in Maltese Cross – Early Use.
Exceptionally fine used with good to huge margined example on entire addressed to BUNGAY cancelle..
SG Number: SG8
SG80 1862 4d. Pale red, plate 3 without hairlines, CK Defective Letter K. Early state, fine used. Spec J52d.
Scottish numeral cancel, scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG80
Plate No.: 3
SGO61avar 1896 1½d. Lilac, TA. GOVT. PARCELS. Superb unused o.g example with early state of the no dot under T variety.
"Miniature dot under T". Most unusual.  ..
SG Number: SGO61avar