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EDVII SG257 1902 10d. + 1/- DLR paying re-direction fee from London to Berlin. Originally sent from the Keeper of His Majesty's Privy Purse (probably and invitation).
Nice PRIVY PURSE, oval from BUCKINGHAM PALACE with cds alongside OC.23.1902 (VSI). Unusual and sc..
SG Number: SG257
SG217 c.1907 PPC of Wells Cathedral with 1/2d. EdVII cancelled only by the negative mail bag seal of Worplesdon.
Unusual and attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG217
SG219 1907/ 16 Hibernia broad crown label, first printing, used on cover with 1d. EDVII, to British Guiana.
Tarbert Co. Kerry cds's for SE.29.08, just after usages on the front of envelopes had been banned..
SG Number: SG219
SG219 1921 Indian p/s envelope with two EDVII 1d.'s.
Control H8, from Wells, Somerset to Manchester. Very unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG219
SG235 1903 Parcel Post label, Godalming with 4d. EDVII, dated MY.5.03.
Spec M23(1). ..
SG Number: SG235
SG242var 1902 Parcel Post label, Godalming with 5d. EDVII, dated SP.6.02.
Spec M28(2). ..
SG Number: SG242var
SG242var 1904 Parcel Post label, Godalming with 3d. and 5d. EDVII, dated NO.15.04.
Spec M19(2) & M28(2). ..
SG Number: SG242var
SGO91/ 92 1902 EDVII "R.H. OFFICIAL" overprints on 1/2d, 1d. - marginal - unusual and rare.
SG Number: SGO92