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SG216 & 220 1902 ½d. Blue-green. D.L.R and 1d. Bright Scarlet. D.L.R (x2). Envelope from WINDSOR to BIARRITZ, FRANCE.
Cancelled by double ring c.d.s’s for JA. 6. 04. The cover exceeded the 2½d. Letter Rate and was d..
SG Number: SG216
SG219 1902 1d. Scarlet. D.L.R Pin repair, cracked plate and substitute cliche. Plate 9.
E5 control corner block of four with R19/ 11 showing major plate crack at left and R20/ 12 pin re..
SG Number: SG219
Plate No.: 9
SG219 1902 1d. Scarlet. D.L.R unmounted original gum control, F6 corner pair with Pin repair below P of Postage.
Plate 9, R. 20/12. Spec. M5ha. ..
SG Number: SG219
SG257 1902 1s. Dull Green and Carmine D.L.R Large Registered envelope from LONDON to FRANKFURT, GERMANY.
With a block of four plus 2 1/2d. & 9d. KEVII. The lower left stamp clearly showing the broke..
SG Number: SG257
SG266 - 1902 £1 Dull Blue-green. D.L.R on registered piece.
Used on piece with 1d and 6d DLR, all tied by THREADNEEDLE ST/REGISTERED ovals for 16.SP.04. ..
SG Number: SG266
SG405 1915 2/6d. Deep yellow-brown. D.L.R Seahorse. Very fine unused, original gum right hand marginal.
Well centred and fresh. ..
SG Number: SG405
SG83 KEVII 1/2d. D.L.R Post Card from London to Paris. Vertical pair (fault on one) used on PPC of Regent Street.
Cancelled Kilburn, JA.15.05. Two Kinder Post miniature toy stamps - 5pf Green and 3pf Brown also ..
SG Number: SG83