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SG166, 172, 197 & 213. 1880 1d. Venetian Red, KK. 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II, 1887 1/2d. Vermilion and 1900 1/2d. Blue-green Jubilee.
Also Fiscal 1d. Inland Revenue. Last Day of Validity. Envelope sent within Brighton, cancelled by..
SG Number: SG213
SG172 & 213 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II (x2) and 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. Envelope sent from “GILLOTS” School HENLEY-ON-THAMES to CAIRO, EGYPT.
Cancelled by “355” duplex handstamps for MR. 12. 01. Reverse with arrival c.d.s’s for the 20th. ..
SG Number: SG172
SG172 & 213 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II and 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. Mourning envelope sent from DUBLIN to HENLEY ON THAMES.
Cancelled by a bold double ring c.d.s. for JU. 25. 01. then forwarded to SWITZERLAND with the add..
SG Number: SG172
SG206 1892 4½d. Mauve and Blue-green "Jubilee". COLOUR TRIAL.
Perforated 14 vertically and imperf horizontally... a rare corner marginal example on gummed, Cro..
SG Number: SG206
SG213 1900 ½d. Blue-green "Jubilee".
Unused o.g. "R" control pair with breaks in marginal rule at right... perf Type E - Plate 57 (You..
SG Number: SG213
SG213 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. Fine unused o.g. control “R” strip of three with perf margin Type E. Scarce multiple.
SG Number: SG213
SG213 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. FIRST DAY COVER. Pair on envelope from LONDON to ST ALBANS...
cancelled by squared-circles for AP. 17. 00. Reverse with arrival c.d.s. also for the 17th. and m..
SG Number: SG213
SG213 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. Harrison & Sons wrapper sent underpaid from LONDON to ITALY…
cancelled by printed matter “W.C.” c.d.s. for 14. 12. 00. with “T” handstamp and affixed with two..
SG Number: SG213
SG213 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. Horizontal pair used on SHANGHAI 1c. Brown “LOCAL POST” Stationery envelope.
Sent to SOUTH KENSINGTON cancelled by LONDON double ring c.d.s’s for SP. 29. 00. ..
SG Number: SG213
SG213 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. RED Handstamp. Superb used cancelled by a delightful red “648” ROCHDALE numeral. Most unusual.
SG Number: SG213
SG213 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. Used Abroad – GIBRALTAR. Vertical pair plus Gibraltar 1d. Rose-red on uncreased mourning envelope sent to TWICKENHAM…
the 1d. cancelled by “A26” Gibraltar duplex for OC. 15. 01. the pair cancelled in London by the “..
SG Number: SG213
SG215 & 219 1902 1/2d. Dull Blue-green and 1d. Scarlet, D.L.R.
Two envelopes posted on the First Day of Issue, superbly cancelled by cracking St. John's Wood sq..
SG Number: SG219
SG216 & 219 1902 ½d. Blue-green and 1d. Scarlet. D.L.R. Used on envelope sent from CANADA to SUSSEX.
Paid by 2c. Red cancelled by a FREDERICTION c.d.s. The KEVII stamps paying for re-direction to NI..
SG Number: SG219
SG227var 1907 Dull Blue-green and Carmine (C). D.L.R. Superb unmounted o.g. with lovely colour. Spec. M12(2) – Cat. £180.
SG Number: SG227var
SG229 & 274 1907 2d. Dull Blue-green and Carmine (C). D.L.R. and 1911 1d. Rose Carmine. Harrison. P.14.
Affixed sideways on “EXPRESS” delivery envelope sent locally TUNBRIDGE WELLS – SANDHURST PARK can..
SG Number: SG229
SG229 1907 2d. Dull Blue-green and Carmine (C). D.L.R. Deformed Tablet (Pl. D4, R. 5/9).
Lower left stamp on piece with four normal examples plus a 1d. Downey Head cancelled by KINGS LAN..
SG Number: SG229
SG266 1902 £1 Dull blue-green, DLR, superb used, neat DOVER cds for JY.27.11. Excellent quality.
Unusual to find without a C.I. cancel!  ..
SG Number: SG266
SG266 1902 £1 Dull blue-green, DLR. Superb used, neat Dover cds for JY.21.11.
Excellent quality and unusual to find WITHOUT a C.I cancel! ..
SG Number: SG266
SG325 1911 ½d. Bright-green. Die 1B. Wmk Crown. Used on "FIRST U.K. AERIAL POST" Post Card along with KEVII ½d. Blue-green making the correct 1d. rate.
LONDON double ring c.d.s's for SP. 9. 1911. with OUDTSHOORN (South Africa) arrival alongside for ..
SG Number: SG325
SG33 1857 1d. Orange-brown Pl.35 (AJ). Die II. LC. P14. BLUE-GREEN EXETER Sideways Duplex.
Very neat, uncreased envelope addressed to SOUTH MOLTON cancelled by a fine strike of the “285” s..
SG Number: SG33
Plate No.: 35
SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (MF). Die II. LC. P.14. BLUE-GREEN GARSTANG Numeral.
Mourning envelope put in at COCKERHAM  and cancelled by the Garstang “308” numeral  in ..
SG Number: SG40
SGO101 1902/03 1/2d. Blue-green ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL, Control B, u/m pair. Rare.
SG Number: SGO101
SGO101 1903 ½d. Blue-green Stationery. ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL Postcard. PLYMOUTH to the ISLE of WIGHT, sent from HMS 'Pilot' at Devonport. Rare.
Dated AP.3.03. ..
SG Number: SGO101
SGO17 1901 1/2d. Blue-green I.R OFFICIAL. Vertical pair placed sideways on O.H.M.S envelope.
Sent locally in Twyford... redirected to Guisborough. Cancelled by squared-circles for SP.27.02. ..
SG Number: SGO17
SGO81, O83, O84 & O85 “BOARD OF EDUCATION” Officials.1902 5d. Dull Purple and Blue - Die II, ½d. Blue-green, 1d. Scarlet. and 2½d. Ultramarine.
Remarkable group used on small piece cancelled by indistinct rubber handstamp dated June ’03. Sup..
SG Number: SGO81
Stationery: KEVII 1901 ½d. Blue-green "ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL" Post Card.
Sent from the Royal Navy Stores Depot. POPLAR to WATFORD cancelled by a lovely double ring c.d.s...