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1887 “Jubilee” Issue. ½d, 1½d, 2½d, 4½d. and 5d. Lovely fresh blocks of four superbly cancelled contrary to regulations by single CORK c.d.s’s for 23. JA. 22.
All invalid for postage by this date… a wonderful group and most unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG197
1923 Mercury Airmail Essays, Imperf. on gummed paper. Part imprint, corner blocks of four. Unmounted.
Labels/ Dummy.  ..
SG351/ 357 1912/ 22 1/2d, 1d. RC corner blocks of 30, overprinted CANCELLED type 24.
Matching unmounted corner blocks. Cat. £4,800. Spec N14v+N16w.  ..
SG Number: SG357
SG437 1929 PUC 2 1/2d. Blue and pale blue. Superb unmounted corner blocks of 20. Attractive!
Spec NCom 8 (1)+(2). Cat £1760. ..
SG Number: SG437
SG437 1929 PUC 2 1/2d. Blue and pale blue. Superb unmounted matching blocks of 10.
Fresh colours. Spec NCom8 (1)+(2). ..
SG Number: SG437
SG453/ 456 1935 Silver Jubilee set in cylinder blocks of 6, one stamp in each block cancelled "Royal Parade - Yorks" on First Day of Issue.
May.7.1935. Attractive and unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG453
SG453/ 456 1935 Silver Jubilee, set of 4, in cylinder blocks of 6, lightly mounted.
Attractive. Cat. £165. ..
SG Number: SG456
SG476a, 477 & 478b 1942 2/6d. Yellow green, 5/- red & 10/- ultramarine. Each in fine used blocks of 4.
All cancelled by the "M.A.P; by Bag" in violet, from the Ministry of Aircraft Productions. Unusua..
SG Number: SG478b
SGD1, D2, D4, D7. 1914. Postage Dues 1/2d, 1d, 2d and 5d. Superb cds blocks of four on small pieces, each neatly cancelled BUNGAY 20.AP.14 - THE FIRST DAY OF ISSUE.
Never seen blocks, especially the 5d. Rare.  ..
SG Number: SGD7
SGL231 1876 5s. Rose Pl.1 (EB - FE)., re-constructed block of eight from 2 blocks of 4.
Neat Dublin cds's for FE.5.80. An attractive and scarce multiple.   ..
SG Number: SGL231
SGO013 1888 1/2d. Vermilion I. R. Official, unmounted interpanneau blocks of 8.
Few creases not detracting.  ..
SG Number: SGO13
SGO48 & SGO49 1902 1/2d. Blue green, 1d. Scarlet ARMY OFFICIAL. Unmounted, o.g blocks of 4.
Fresh examples.  ..
SG Number: SGO49