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1883 3d. / 3d. plus 6d. / 6d. surcharges used on small piece with 1/2d. green. All neatly cancelled Ipswich, JU.6.83.
A rarely seen combination. SG159, 162 and 164. Superb.  ..
SG Number: SG159
1890 Uniform Penny Post Jubilee envelope with all 5 handstamps, 2 on reverse.
All dated 2nd July 1890. Scarce.  ..
1924 & 1925 British Empire Exhibition. Unused “set” of stationery Post Cards, envelopes and Letter Cards… eight items all fine and fresh.
SG157 1881 2½d. Blue Pl.21/23 (LJ, KG & TH). Wmk. Crown. The “set of three” plates – all lightly used with excellent fresh colour.
SG Number: SG157
Plate No.: 21/23
SG170/ SG174 1881 1d. Lilac Die I+II, all with "fancy" cancels- inc. die I block 4 - very unusual. Boxed MCA.
SG Number: SG170
SG178, 201 & 207a 1894 2/6d. Lilac & 7x 2 1/2d + 5d., all prefined "BNZ" on part envelope front.
All cancelled with "L1" late fee duples dated May 18 '94. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG178
SG187/196 1883-4 1/2 d. – 1s. Lilac & Green. Set of 10. Superb used examples all with c.d.s. handstamps. Cat. £1700+.
SG Number: 187
SG194 1881/ 84 1d. Lilac and various lilac and green issues, all cancelled with a "GPO" cancel in oval - one without.
Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG194
SG197/211 & SG213/4 1887/92 ½d. – 1s. “Jubilee” Issue. Very fine used set of 14 including both ½d. & 1s. values. All with c.d.s. cancellations. Cat. £380.
SG Number: SG197/211
SG2 & SG7 1840 1d. Black pl.5 and 1d. Red pl.5. States 1, 2 & 3. A very fine matched trio with all black maltese crosses.
Rare set. Spec AS25/ AS27 & AS29a. Lettered CB. ..
SG Number: SG2
Plate No.: 5
SG2 1840  1d. Black pl. 1a, 1b & 1b red. (PI). A very fine matched trio, all with good margins.
Cat £875. ..
SG Number: SG2
Plate No.: 1
SG2 1840 1d. Black (OA), full marginal inscription, neatly cancelled with a red mc; good margins all around except above "O" of "POSTAGE".
A super looking stamp and rare with full side margin and inscription. (DNXG).  ..
SG Number: SG2
SG206 1900 Ascension. Jubilee values, 1/2d., 2d., 2 1/2d, 6d. plus 1d. Lilac, all beautifully tied by superb Ascension cds's.
Dated JA.16.00. Endorsed in manuscript "This envelope was posted at Ascension and was delivered t..
SG Number: SG206
SG214 1901 1/- Green and carmine, plus 2/6d. Lilac + 3d. Jubilee, all on a fragment of Parcel label (Telegraph form?).
Neatly cancelled "Exchange B.O Cardiff" and dated MR.18.01, "Exchange" implies Telegrams? ..
SG Number: SG214
SG279 - SG286 1911 Harrison p 15x14 ½d. - 4d. Very fine used set of 5, all with cds cancels. Scarce.
SG Number: SG279
SG321 - SG350 1911/ 12 Downey Head collection, beautifully presented on 5 pages. All very fine to superb used.
Cat. £685. Choice! ..
SG Number: SG321
SG321 1902/ 1950 3 Kings selection on album page. 28 stamps, all with "fancy" cancels.
Unusual and attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG321
SG34 1855 2d. Blue, LC14, plate 5, QL - TL. Vertical strip of 4, all cancelled with the Blue 763 numeral of Swansea.
RL scissor cut but a most unusual multiple. Double letter L on TL. Spec F6(1)e. ..
SG Number: SG34
Plate No.: 5
SG406var 1915 2/6 DLR yellow-brown "Kiss Print" which shows as a doubling of almost all of the impression.
Superb u/m marginal example. A spectacular stamp. ..
SG Number: SG406
SG420Wi 1924 1 1/2d. Red-brown. Block Cypher. Control A.24 block of six. All stamps unmounted.
SG Number: SG420Wi
SG450/ 452 1934 Waterlow Re-engraved set of 4, all used with cds. Includes both shades of the 2/6d.
Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG450
SG453/ 456 1935 Silver Jubilee. A souvenir booklet with photos, given by Newcastle upon Tyme City Council to all school children in the area.
Set of stamps affixed to inside front cover. Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG453
SG476b 1939 2/6d. + 5/- x2. Arms issue on small piece. All tied by indistinct cds's. Attractive.
SG Number: SG476b
SG8 1851 1d. Red-brown, QC, Exhibition of Industry of All Nations envelope.
Sent from London to Manchester, cancelled by the numeral 14. Reverse with dispatch and arrival ma..
SG Number: SG8
SGBB09 1916 2s. Ed 53. Royal Cypher. All panes cancelled 'London E.C.' Type I for 2.Ja.17.
No interleaving between ½d panes. ` ..
SGBB10 1915 2/- red ed. 69 all panes pre-cancelled type I
1915 2/- ed. 69 all panes pre-cancelled type I, dated 23. NOV.17, booklet. A wee tired and scuffe..
SG Number: SGBB10
SGBB10 2s. Orange. Ed 78. Royal Cypher. All panes cancelled 'London E.C' Type I for 04.JU.18.
Fine an dfresh appearanc. ..
SGBB12 1933 2s. Blue. Ed 46. Block Cypher. All panes 'CANCELLED', type 28 with ad pane no.8.
SGBB24 1924 3/- red booklet ed. 93. All panes with London Chief Office type J cancels in violet.
Very fresh. ..
SG Number: SGBB24
SGBB24 1924 3/- Scarlet ed. 138, block cypher, all panes "Cancelled" type 28, good perfs.
BB24, ed 138. Cat £3375 as panes. ..
SG Number: SGBB24
SGBB24 1926 3s. Red. Ed 104. Superb booklet. All panes "CANCELLED" Type 28.
Very fresh cover dated 8. SEP. 26. Scarce. ..
SG Number: SGBB24
SGBB25 1929 PUC 3/- booklet ed. 168. Superb example, all panes with excellent perforations and inverted watermarks.
Cat. £930 as panes! (SG434bw, 435bw and 436cw). ..
SG Number: SGBB25
SGBB3 1912 2/- Red booklet Downey, Simple Cypher watermark. Superb example. All panes with excellent perfs.
Scarce so fine. Cat. £1300.  ..
SG Number: SGBB3
SGBB6 1913 2/- red, edition 10. Profile head stamps, all panes o'ptd SPECIMEN type 26. One 1d pane wmk inverted, rest upright.
Spec NB6w, NB7w/ aw. Cat £8,400 as panes. Very fresh, a rarity ..
SGF9, F12 & F15 1895 London to Hamburg with 3x 1d. Fiscals - all three watermark varieties of the 1860/ 67 1d. reddish lilac.
London squared circles for JA.28.95. Hamburg receiver on reverse. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGF9
SGL202 - L204 1876 1d. Red-brown, plates 1, 2 and 3. A very fine trio, all used with neat cds's.
SG Number: SGL202
SGO21 1904 1d. Scarlet I.R. Official on OHMS cover, used in London on 13th May 1904- the official date of withdrawal of all departmental issues.
Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGO21
Thom set of 15 stamps 1/2d. to 10s. All fine mint.
A lovely collection.  ..
SG Number: SG66