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1923 Mercury Airmail Essays, Imperf. on gummed paper. Part imprint, corner blocks of four. Unmounted.
Labels/ Dummy.  ..
SG249 1929 Capt. Smye Registered Airmail cover, Gosport to Johannesburg.
Dated 8th Aug. 1929 with 1/2d. and 7d. Grey-black. Johannesburg receiver on reverse.  ..
SG Number: SG249
SG392 1921 Airmail Express, cover from Middlesborough to Switzerland, franked 2d. and 9d.
3d. Postage, 6d. express fee and 2d. air fee, London to Paris, thence by surface mail. Attractive..
SG Number: SG392
SG414 1934 2/6d. BW Chocolate brown on Airmail envelope, London to Buenos Aires.
Sent at the all up European rate of 4/- per 1/2oz. Dated 17.AU.34.  ..
SG Number: SG414
SG421 1931 Airmail Express envelope London to Germany.
With 2d. x6 dated 26.AU.1931. Attractive. ..
SG Number: SG421
SG423 1929 Letter Telegram envelope "via Empiradio", Airmail London to Berlin. 4 1/2d. Rate.
Attractive and scarce. Dated 24.AP.29. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG423
SG423 1929 Letter Telegram envelope "via Empiradio", Airmail, London to Berlin at 4 1/2d. rate.
Attractive and scarce. Dated 28.MY.29. Attractive. ..
SG Number: SG423
SG426 1927 Letter Telegram envelope "via Empiradio" AIRMAIL EXPRESS TO AACHEN.
4 1/2d. Postage, 6d. Express fee. Scuff on 6d. value not detracting. Attractive and unusual. ..
SG Number: SG426
SG428 1934 Airmail Registered postcard, Southend on Sea to Madagascar.
With 2d. & 1d. Block Cypher, then returned to sender. Unusual registered postcard.  ..
SG Number: SG428
SG434/ 437 1929 PUC on Airmail cover, London to South Africa via Mocambique.
Dated AU.7.29. ..
SG Number: SG434
SG435 & 437 1929 1d. and 2 1/2d. Postal Union Congress. Union Airways - First Regular Airmail Service - 1929.
Registered envelope signed by the pilot (Port Elizabeth to Durban) Lieutenant R. F. Caspereuthus...
SG Number: SG435
SG437 1929 PUC 2 1/2d. on Airmail cover to NY, USA. Ship to shore flight from the S. S. Bremen.
Dated Christchurch, Hants. 14.AU.29. ..
SG Number: SG437
SG437 1929 PUC 2 1/2d. paying foreign letter rate & 6d. airmail fee. Sent from London to USA  via ship to shore airmail.
Sent from S. S. Leviathan, dated JU.19.1929.  ..
SG Number: SG437
SG437 Registered, First Airmail, England to Africa. Block of 4, 2 1/2d. PUC to Uganda.
Dated 27th Feb. 1841. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG437
SG438 1929 PUC £1 corner pair on part Airmail Parcel front.
In combination with Edward 8th blocks plus 5/- Seahorse. Attractive and scarce (P. 97). ..
SG Number: SG438
SG438 1936 Complete Airmail envelope to Argentina, with strip of 3 £1 PUC's, plus 3d. Photogravure. Spectacular cover.
SG Number: SG438
SG450 -1938 AIRMAIL from WEM, SHREWSBURY to Argentina.
2/6d, x2 9'ds (one damaged) plus 3d, making the 4/3d rate. Attractive, neat cover dated 18th Feb ..
SG Number: SG444
SG450/ 452 1938 Express Airmail cover, London to Australia with Re-engraved Seahorses, Photogravure 9d's & KGVI 3d.
Attractive franking.  ..
SG Number: SG450
SG453/ 456 1935 Registered Airmail Silver Jubilee First Day Cover, Newport (Mon.) to Greece.
Returned to sender, dated 7th May 1935.  ..
SG Number: SG456
SG470 + SG475 1948 Registered Airmail cover from Tangier to USA with 6d. + 1/- tied by Registered British PO.
Oval O.A.T = onwards air transmission. Dated 13.MY.1948. Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG470
SG478b 1942 10/- Ultramarine First Day Cover from Waterfoot/ Rossendale, Lancs. Cansored Airmail cover to USA.
Neat cds cancels dated 30.NO.42. Attractive and rare.  ..
SG Number: SG478b