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SG465c 1940 2d. Orange pane, very fine original gum with cylinder H2, i perf and good perfs.
SG Number: SG465c
SG465c 1940 2d. Orange. Very fine, unmounted booklet pane, cylinder H4, I perf. Good perfs and scarce cylinder.
SG Number: SG465c
SG465cw 1940 2d. Orange, Inverted Watermark. Unmounted pane with good perfs. Scarce.
SG Number: SG465cw
SG479, & 481/84 1940 Centenary of First Adhesive Postage Stamps. Overprinted with the Nazi Swastika during the German Occupation of Jersey.
Produced on the orders of Captain Gussak, the camp Kommandant, however, the Bailiff of Jersey obj..
SG Number: SG479
SG480 1940 1d. Scarlet. Centenary of First Adhesive Postage Stamps. Guernsey - Unauthorised Bisect.
Used on envelope during the German occupation paying the 2½d. sealed letter rate… strip of three,..
SG Number: SG480
SGBD13 (7) 1940 2/6d. Scarlet ed.7. Dark colours. A superb example, very fresh. Cat. £1700.
SG Number: SGBD13
SGBD14 (10) 1940 KGVI 2/6d. Booklet ed. 10. Dark colours. A fine complete booklet. Scarce.
Cat. £1700.  ..
SG Number: SGBD147
SGBD15 1940 Dark Colours 2/6d. green, ed. 24. A very fine and fresh complete booklet.
Cat. £975. ..
SG Number: SGBD15
SGBD25(2) 1940 5/- Buff, ed. 2, Dark colours. A superb example. Rare, cat. £2000.
SG Number: SGBD25
SGD27 1940 1/2d. Emerald G40 control block of 6 - mounted on one only - a scarce block.
Cat £300+. ..
SG Number: SGD27