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1875 Telegraph Stamps. Hand Painted Essays from the De La Rue Archives. The ½d (2), 1d, 3d, 4d (2), 6d (2), 1s, 5s (2) and 10s. each finely painted in black and Chinese white on thick card.
The 1d, 3d and 10s are similar to the issued design and the 1s is in the design of the issued 3s...
1879 De La Rue ½d Green Die Proof on glazed card.
Design B; this and similar designs were submitted for the Unified Series (SG164/169). Attractive ..
1887 “Jubilee” Issue. ½d, 1½d, 2½d, 4½d. and 5d. Lovely fresh blocks of four superbly cancelled contrary to regulations by single CORK c.d.s’s for 23. JA. 22.
All invalid for postage by this date… a wonderful group and most unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG197
1911 ½d Unofficial “paste-up”.
Plain Post Card sent locally in EALING cancelled by a double ring c.d.s. for SP. 16. 11.  Th..
SG187 1884 GB used in Smyrna. Superb cds on ½d plus "F87" on 2½d. Unusual.
(Z250/ 252).  ..
SG Number: SG187
SG397/398 - 1913 ½d and 1d Multiple Cypher. Coil tails.
One stamp attached with 'JOINED BY' and 'DATE', both in May 1913. Rare. ..
SG Number: SG398
SG397/8 - 1913 ½d & 1d. Multiple Cypher.
Superb unmounted o.g. vertical pairs. ..
SG Number: SG398
SG434 1929 PUC ½d Green, IMPERFORATE IMPRIMATURS, handstamped BPMA on reverse. "Interpanneau" block of 4.
(42mm) gutter margin, from the endways coil printing. Watermark upright. Rare.  ..
SG Number: SG434
SG436var 1929 PUC 1 ½d "1829" for "1929". Superb used in pair on piece with additional 1 ½d., clearly showing this variety.
RPS cert. Spec NCom7c. ..
SG Number: SG436var
SG453s - SG456s 1935 Silver Jubilee, ½d - 2 ½d SPECIMEN type 23, twice, on each stamp. A fine, original gum set.
1½d torn and 2½d creased, but a very rare set. Less than a handful known. Spec NCom 10s - NCom 13..
SG Number: SG456s
SG464 1937 ½d Red-brown. G8 Cylinder pane.
Unmounted booklet pane of six. Perf type E. Spec QB21. ..
SG Number: SG464
SG48 1872 Glasgow to Paisley, franked by ½d. plate 5 and ½d plate 9 - a rare and unusual combination of plates.
Rare, dated MR.21.72. ..
SG Number: SG48
Plate No.: 9
SGD1/2, 4/5 & 7/8 1914-18 ½d 1d. 2d. 3d. 5d. & 1s. Wmk. Simple Cypher Sideways. "SPECIMEN" (13 x 2½mm.) in VIOLET.
The first six issues from the set in horizontal pairs (3d. x3). These overprints were probably ap..
SG Number: SGD1
SGD35 1951 ½d yellow orange. Veriety "broken 2 in ½d" (R3/14).
Superb unmounted block of 4. Spec R35a. ..
SG Number: SGD35
½d KEVII Stationery Post Card. Pen and ink drawings on both sides - apparently sent as a birthday card.
Cancelled by London double line cds for OC.15.02 and addressed to Banbury. ..