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1846 1d. pink sent from BRISTOL to CHELTENHAM, Registered at the 1s. rate, paid in cash.
Despatch cds dated SP.18.1846 plus 134 numeral. Scarce mail during the 1s. registereed rate. Rare..
1900 COMPULSORY REGISTRATION- letter from the USA to Cumberland.
Travelled via London where it was charged 4d. for registration and the caution label applied - DA..
1904 3d. Pink stationary envelope sent Registered from Liverpool to Manchester "From District Probate Registery".
Dated 18.JU.04. Rare usage. (Ex Wiseman). ..
1905 Registered envelope using "cut outs" from postal stationery envelopes!
2d. Registration and 1d. Postage, used locally in Oxford and dated MY.9.05. Very unusual!  ..
SG143 1875 Registered cover to Paris, France sent from East Strand, London.
3d. postage + 3d. registration paid by two 3d. Rose plate16's, cancelled with barred obliterators..
SG Number: SG143
SG153 + SG51 1877 Registered cover, London to Linlithgow via the Edinburgh + Berwick Sorting Tender.
With a most unusual combination of stamps: 4d. Sage-green pl. 15 (paying registration fee) plus 1..
SG Number: SG153
SG157, 167 & 172 1880-81 2 1/2d. Blue pl. 22, SJ. 1 1/2d. Venetian red and 1d. Lilac.
Used on 2d. Blue Registered envelope to Montaubon, France Newport Pagnell 564 duplex's for DE.14...
SG Number: SG172
SG172 1899. Experimental Registered envelopes, one used, one mint with precise instructions on how to use - addressed to Major Evans.
Not seen before! Rare.  ..
SG Number: SG172
SG187, SG188 & SG191 1886 2d. Registered envelope, Leeds to USA.
With 1/2d., 1 1/2d., 3d. making 5d., double rate, dated 25.JA.86. ..
SG Number: SG187
SG201 1895 British Levant 2 1/2d. Grey blue stationery envelope, Constantinople to London.
Uprated with 40 paras 2 1/2d. purple on blue to make up postage and Registration. Unusual use of ..
SG Number: SG201
SG202 1896 Superb Illustrated Registered cover!
SG Number: SG202
SG206 1894 4 1/2d. Jubilee on neat Registered cover, London to New York.
Dated 13. April 1894. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG206
SG206a 1897 4 1/2d. Green and deep, bright carmine on Registered cover from Ipswich to St. Kitts, West Indies.
With stationery 2d. + 3d. STO... 2d. registration and 7 1/2d. postage. Dated Dec.28.1897. Rare st..
SG Number: SG206a