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“SG62” c.1860 Rose. Souvenir envelope and enclosure which opens out into the shape of a Rose with illustrations of European places of worship and interest to the tourist (both sides).


1840 1d. Mulready with a BROWN maltese cross, “Jell’s General & Commercial Envelope” advert within.


1844 1d. Pink Envelope (Huggins EP3b). Used from ROSS to CASTLECOMER and cancelled by the very rare and distinctive straight sided ROSS MALTESE CROSS in black.


1859 1d. Pink Envelope. Uprated with 2d. Blue Pl.7 (SG45) and 4d. Carmine (SG66) and sent by Registered mail from LEICESTER to ASHBY DE LA ZOUCH.


1861 De La Rue. “EXPERIMENTAL POSTAGE – THREE PENCE” Essay with the head of King Pedro V of Portugal defaced by a cross.


1871 Azemar Experimental Cancellation. 1d. pink entire to Kilwinning, with a superb strike of this scarce cancel.


1875 Stationery Cut outs on mourning envelope. Contrary to regulations use.


1875 Telegraph Large size head die proof in black on white glazed card. Endorsed , “Before Hardening”.


1879 Tender Essays – Perkins Bacon Submission for the 1d. Value.


1879 Tender Essays – Perkins Bacon Submission for the 1d. Value.


1884 National Telephone Company Ltd 1d. Grey black sheetlet of 12, unmounted.


1891 De La Rue Dummy stamp head die proof, dated 13.Mar.91 and endorsed “Before Hardening”.


1892 PARCEL POST. Label sent from LOWERSTOFT with 3d. Lilac FOREIGN BILL stamp.


1897 Machine Cancellations. Imperial Mail Marking Machine Co. carried out demonstration trials in London…


1910 3d. Black. Half Tone Essay. Large Format.


1910 3d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour.


1911 P.O.S.B Modified Head Proof in carmine.


1911 Revenue. Post Office Savings Bank Receipt. 1s Brown and blue overprinted.


1912 1d. Blue “Ideal Stamp”. Letterpress printed by Waterlow Bros. & Leyton at the 1912 Jubilee International Exhibition using their Wharfedale machine…


1912 KGV Profile Head Die Proof – Coinage Head Die Stage 1g.


1915 9d. Brown stamped to order, folded envelope, addressed to Edam, Holland.


1928 Royal Mint KGV Coat of Arms proof for an Imperial Coin Case.


1931 Royal Mint publicity label.


1931 Royal Mint Trial Plate – Dummy stamp. Block of 12.


c. 1911/ 12 KGV Colour Essays of HM in the uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet.


c.1900 International Stamping Machine Co Ltd.


C.1910 De La Rue “Minerva Head” Colour Trials for Promotional Sample Stamps.


C.1910 De La Rue “Minerva Head” Colour Trials for Promotional Sample Stamps.


Foreign Bill Stamps: Two envelopes one with 1d. and the other with 3d. stamps affixed sent locally in STATHAM.




MA109 Unlisted Advert – A228 unallocated form. London to Norwich dated JU.16.1841.


SG10 1841 1d. Deep Red-brown (BD).


SG101 1865 1s. Green Pl.4 (IG). Wmk. Emblems. Fine used cancelled by the scarce JERSEY “409” numeral.


SG102 1872 3d. Deep Rose Pl.8 (MI). Superb used left hand wing marginal cancelled by a light YARMOUTH c.d.s. for AU. 23. 72.


SG103 1867 3d. Rose pl. 6, CJ. Superb Torquay cds for OC.30.71. Attractive.


SG103 1867 3d. Rose, plate 7, JI – JK. Fine used strip, Birmingham Telegraph Office cds’s.