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1840 1d. Mulready lettersheet A68, Reading via London, to Basingstoke, dated OCT.13.1840.


1840 1d. Mulready wrapper, used, Whimple to Thornbury via Bristol.


1842 1d. Pink Stationery envelope, forwarded by Coutts & Co., Strand to Lucern, Switzerland via France.


1882 1d. Stationery postcard to Switzerland, sent from Staindrop, Co. Durham via Darlington.


1896 Postcard rate, Liverpool to Hong Kong, via transatlantic, across country to Vancouver.


SG101 1866 1/- Green, plate 4, GD. Plus 2d. blue, plate 9, KD, on entire from London to New York, per “City of Paris” via Queenstown.


SG103 1872 5d. rate to Sweden, via Steamer by Hull with 3d. pl. 9 and 2d. pl. 14 cancelled with London duplex.


SG108 1870 Registered envelope, London to New York via Cork with 4d. registration, plus 6d. postage.


SG109 1872 HMS Seagull cover from the West Coast of Africa to London via Liverpool.


SG141 1876 2½d. Rosy Mauve Pl.3 (KE). Wmk. Orb. Envelope from QUEENSTOWN via Cunard Steamer to New York then overland to SAN FRANCISCO…


SG143 1873 3d. Rose. Wmk Spray.Pl.19 (QA) Liverpool to Leith,via Edinburgh. Rare REGISTERED.


SG146 & 148 1875 6d. Deep Grey Pl.14 (KF). Wmk. Spray and 1s. Deep Green Pl.12 (FG). Wmk. Spray. Both with “HUTH” (Fred K Huth & Co.) perfin.


SG147 1874 1d. Pink envelope, uprated with 6d. plate 13 and 1d. plate 138, making 8d. rate from Suez via Marseilles to Scotland.


SG147 1875 6d. Deep grey, plate 14, PJ, on cover, Shoreham to Honolulu, Hawaii, via San Francisco.


SG147 1876 6d. Grey Pl.15 (PE). Wmk. Spray. Cloth Covered Handstamps.


SG147 1876 Mourning envelope with 1d. plate 145, TG and 6d. plate 15 – paying 7d. rate via New York, to Bermuda.


SG147 1880 6d. Grey plate 17, NG. Used on cover, London to South Australia, per “Orient” line, via Plymouth.


SG150 1877 1/- Green, plate 13, DF. Paying the 1/- per ½oz rate, Manchester to Caracas via Southampton.


SG154 1880 4d. Grey-brown, plate 17, QH, on cover Manchester to Mexico. Per “Bothnia”, via New York and Brownsville


SG156 1876 8d. Orange Pl.1 (ND). Wmk. Large Garter. Lightweight envelope sent from ORE, HASTINGS “Via Brindisi” to Lt. Colonel Harkness, CHAKRATA, EAST INDIA


SG156 1877 8d. Orange + 6d. Grey plate 15, paying the 1/2d. Rate, up to 1/2oz, Deal to Shanghae via Brindisi and Hong Kong.


SG157 1884 2 1/2d. Blue pl. 22 on v. fine advertising cover. London to MY, USA via Queenstown.


SG162 & SG187 1883 6d. on 6d. Lilac, plate 18 & 1884 ½d. Slate-blue (x2). Mourning envelope from London to Melbourne, via Brindisi.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. Fine used on envelope from Bromley to Hong Kong via Brindisi.


SG172 1890 Railway Station postmarks; 1d. Lilac on cover Tenterden, Kent, then re-directed via Ashford Station.


SG172a & SG147 1882 Registered envelope from Ipswich via London to Vienna. Neat 405 duplex, dated MR.9.82.


SG192 1885 4d. Green MF. London to Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia via Sydney.


SG193 1885 5d. Rate to Calcutta via Brindisi with 5d. Dull green, DA.


SG201 1898 2 1/2d. Jubilee on neat cover AKASSA to London via Liverpool.


SG36a 1858 Entire bearing 2d. Blue, plate 6, London to Shaftesbury, via Salisbury, dated MY.17.58.


SG40 1858 pl. 42 Exeter via London to Australia. Superb 10d. rate made by SG40 X7 plus 3 on reverse.


SG41 & 69 1857 1d. Deep Rose-red Pl.14. Die II. LC. P.14 and 1856 6d. Deep Lilac. Wmk. Emblems. Envelope from EXETER to SEETAPORE via Marseilles…


SG413a 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse”. Air Mail envelope with 1s. Block Cypher from Dundee to Brazil via France.


SG43 1874 1d. Rose-red pl. 140 v.f strip on cover from Constantinople to Manchester via Vienna.


SG436 1939 11/2d. PUC sent to Aberdeen via PENANG (Malaya).


SG45 1866 Liverpool to USA with 2d. plate 9, plus 4d. plate 7, making 1/- rate. Entire sent per Steamer via Queenstown.