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SG123 Var. 1872 6d. Pale Buff. Pl.12. Wmk Spray.(QC).


SG344Wk 1912 ½d. Green. Die 2. Watermark Inverted and Reversed. White scales (Pl.20, R. 1/3).


SG362c var. 1912/ 22 1 1/2d. Pane “cancelled” London EC type I. Dated 5.AP.22. Good perfs.


SG368a var. 1921 2d. Orange Die II. Pre-cancelled pane, type I, dated 3.JA.22.


SG38 /41 var. 1857 1d. Red-orange pl. 44 RB on cover, Edinburgh to Melrose, neatly cancelled by a blue (violet tinge?) 131 numeral.


SG418d var. 1924 1/2d. Green pane. Cancelled “London Chief Office” type J in violet. Excellent perforations and lightly hinged on one.


SG420d var. 1924 1 1/2d. pane cancelled “London EC” type I, dated 9.JY.24.


SG420dw var. 1924 1 1/2d. Ad pane no.69 wmk inverted, fine m/m CANCELLED type 28. Good perfs, no selvedge.


SG429 var. 1924 1s. Bistre-brown. Block Cypher. IMPERFORATE “SPECIMEN” Type 23.


SG439c var. 1935 1/2d. Intermediate format, cylinder E1 no dot. Perf E. Mounted mint.


SG441e var. 1934/ 36 Photogravure. Intermediate format. Ad. pane No. 3. Very fine unmounted.


SG441ew var. 1934 1 1/2d. Red-brown (Inter. Format) Ad. Pane no. 3, wmk inverted.


SGD8 var. 1914 1/- Bright blue. WMK sideways-inverted.