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SG21 var 1855 1d. Yellow-brown (OF). Die II. SC. P.16.


SG251a var 1905 9d. Slate purple and deep ultramarine, Chalk surfaced paper. A brilliant unmounted o.g marginal block of four.


SG28 var 1855 1d. Orange-brown (GH). Die II. LC. P.14.


SG287var 1912 1½d. Dull Reddish Purple and Green. S. House.


SG337 var 1912 1d. Deep Bright Scarlet. Die 1B. Wmk. Simple Cypher.


SG351c var 1912/ 22 1/2d. Green. Cancelled type I, without time slugs, dated 20.NO.14, plus upper left stamp with punch hole.


SG351cw var 1912/ 22 1/2d. Green. Cancelled type H (S), dated 15.AU.21, bright and fresh. Cat. £400.


SG357Wi var 1912/ 22 1d. Scarlet booklet pane, Inverted Watermark, plus the two marginal stamps showing “OST” of “POSTAGE WMK”.


SG371a var 1912/ 22 2 1/2d. Deep bright blue, very fine, lightly mounted S22 control example. RPS Cert.


SG376 var 1922 3d. Very Deep Violet. Royal Cypher.


SG378Wk var 1921 4d. Grey-green INVERTED and REVERSED WMK, break above O of FOUR R19/2.


SG401s var 1913/ 18 5/- Waterlow rose-carmine, overprinted Specimen type 26. Spec N66(1)s. Scarce.


SG419s var 1924 1d. Red Imperforate pair. Specimen type 23. Very fine, unmounted original gum.


SG420e var 1924 1 1/2d. Pane of 6, CANCELLED type 28. Very fine mounted mint with good perfs.


SG420e var 1924 1 1/2d. pane of 6, Punched and cancelled type 33P. Unmounted with decent perfs.


SG420e var 1924 1 1/2d. pane of 6. Cancelled type 28, very fine mounted mint.


SG429s var 1924 1/- Bistre-brown IMPERFORATE pair. Speciment type 23. Very fine unmounted mint.


SG432 var 1925 British Empire Exhibition.


SG439c var 1934 1/2d. Intermediate format, inverted watermark pane of 6. P. perf. Spec NB20a.


SG440g var 1935 1d. Intermediate format, cylinder F1 dot, perf. I. Very fine mounted mint with excellent perfs.


SG440g var 1935 Photogravure 1d. Intermediate format. Watermark upright, cyl. F1 no dot. Perf. type B4(E).


SG440Wi var 1935 1d. Scarlet (small format) Inverted Watermark, CANCELLED type 33. Very fine unmounted block.


SG441 var 1935 1½d. Red-brown. Large Format. Frame break under second E of PENCE (R. 20/3, Cyl. 45 dot).


SG441e var 1935 1 1/2d. Intermediate format, cylinder G4 dot. Perf. I. Mounted mint with very fine perfs.


SG441e var 1935 Intermediate format, cylinder G4 dot, perf. I. Lightly mounted on one with average perfs.


SG441ew var 1934/ 36 1 1/2d. Ad. pane No. 13 Inverted Watermark. CANCELLED type 33. Excellent perfs.


SG441fw var 1934/ 36 1 1/2d. Pane. Inverted watermark. CANCELLED type 33. Very fine perfs, unmounted.


SG442b var 1935 2d. Orange, watermark sideways, overprinted CANCELLED type 28. A colour standard.


SG596a var 1963 BW 5/- red Castle with partial confetti flaw over Queens head. Unmounted, original gum.


SGD6Wi var 1920 4d. Dull grey green. Inverted Watermark – variety “Crown missing in watermark”.