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SG141 1877 2 1/2d. Rosy mauve, plate 7, vertical pair, York to New Hampshire, USA.


SG153, SG156 & SG48 1878 St. Andrews to New York, USA. Franked 1/ 1/2d.. (five times the 2 1/2d. letter rate).


SG157 1883 2½d. Blue, plate 23, OH, on neat cover to Maine, USA. London E.C hooded circle cancel.


SG170 1881 1d. Lilac die I pair, plus 1/2d. green, paying 2 1/2d. rate to New York, USA.


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Incoming mail – USA. Envelope sent from Denver to Bedford Row, London.


SG340/ 41 1913 Downey 1/2d., 1d. Control pair used from ASCENSION to NEWARK, USA.


SG420 1924 1½d. Red-brown. Block Cypher. Used on envelope sent from YOKOHAMA, JAPAN to GERMANSTOWN, USA.


SG437 1929 PUC 2 1/2d. on Airmail cover to NY, USA. Ship to shore flight from the S. S. Bremen.


SG470 + SG475 1948 Registered Airmail cover from Tangier to USA with 6d. + 1/- tied by Registered British PO.


SG54 1851 1/- Pale green, four clear margins on entire. London to Wall Street, New York, USA.


SG55 1847 1s. Green (Silk Thread Variety). Fine used on entire from Brechin to Massachusetts, USA.


SG85 1865 6d. Lilac (hairlines), pair on mourning cover, Grampound, Cornwall to New Jersey, USA.


SG90 1863 Registered Transatlantic cover, Bradford, (Yorks) to Ohio, USA with 6d. registration and 1/- postage.