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MA109 Unlisted Advert – A228 unallocated form. London to Norwich dated JU.16.1841.


SG197var 1887 1/2d. Brown-orange – unlisted SG – K control.


SG207s 1887 5d. Jubilee Die I, SPECIMEN Type 12. Fine mint o.g example – unlisted by SG.


SG21 1855 1d. Red-brown Die 2, plate 7, OC. Unlisted constant variety, “large spot below Queen’s ear” on cover.


SG257var 1902 1s. Dull Green and Bright Carmine D.L.R. Fine used with unlisted variety Split frame.


SG273 – 1911 1d. Deep Rose Red. Harrison. P.14. Unlisted Variety.


SG288 – 1911 1½d. Dull Purple and Green. S. House. Unlisted Variety.


SG293 – 1911 5d. Dull Red-Purple and Blue. S. House. Unlisted Variety.


SG307 1911 9d. Dull Reddish Purple and Blue. S. House. Crack to Frame of N/W Value Tablet… unlisted variety.


SG329var 1911 1d. Deep Carmine. Die 1B. Wmk Crown. Unmounted o.g. control “A 11” (c) corner block of four with perf Type 2. Unlisted variety… White Spot on Leaf Below King’s Head (R. 20/12).


SG351 1913 ½d. Green. Unused o.g. block of four… delightful unlisted treble variety.


SG400var 1913 Waterlow 2/ 6d. Sepia-brown. Vertically ribbed paper. Very fine original gum example of this unusual and unlisted variety.


SG441 1935 1½d. Red-brown. “Photogravure”. Fine o.g. horizontal pairs with unlisted varieties.


SG455a 1935 Silver Jubilee 1 1/2d. booklet pane “PUNCHED + CANCELLED” type 28p, wmk upright- a currently unlisted SG.


SG97 & 108 1865 6d. Lilac Pl.5 (AI) With Hyphen. Wmk. Emblems and 1869 6d. Dull Violet Pl.8 (AI). Without Hyphen. Wmk. Spray. DOUBLE PERFORATION.


SGD37 1952 1½d. Green. Wmk GVIR. Stop After “THREE” and unlisted variety First “E” Broken in “HALFPENCE”.


SGD4 1914 2d. Agate “Missing Crown in watermark”, unmounted marginal pair. Unlisted SG.


SGL201 c.1875 Telegraph, small head die proof in lilac on glazed white card. Head, uncleared, within large lilac circle. Unlisted SG in this colour.