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1840 2d. Mulready envelope, a202, London to Bath, underpaid with circular “More to Pay” and m/s “4” (double the defficiency of 2d).


1858 1d. Pink envelope with contents, sent underpaid from Burton on Trent to Durham.


1891 ½d. Wrapper, sent underpaid, Tullypowrie, OC.16.91 and charged a 1d. postage due on arrival.


1896 Railway Station postmarks, Cape of Good Hope postcard, underpaid charge “T/5c” and “1d/F.B” to Hastings.


1956 Underpaid commercial cover used locally in Walsall with 1d. Postage due.


c.1890 ½d. Brown Stationery “”FLAGEOLLET & Co.” advertising wrapper – sent underpaid or with handwritten contents from LONDON to PARIS… receiving 40c. French Postage Dues.


SG103 – 1869 Underpaid cover, London to Jamaica.


SG14 1849 2d. Blue, plate 3, RF, on cover, Guildford to London. Underpaid and charged “4” (d.) More to Pay.


SG17/ 42 1858 1d. Star, GI, on underpaid envelope sent from Prestonkirk to Edinburgh.


SG170 1881 1d. Lilac, Die I, strip of 3 on underpaid cover, Isle of Wight to the Royal Yacht Squadron in Genoa.


SG172 1896 Underpaid 1d. lilac cover to Japan (by 2d.). Postage Dues affixed plus 6 “flags”. Attractive.


SG172 1901 Queensland to Norwood, London, re-directed on arrival to Switzerland. Underpaid and charged 5c postage due on arrival.


SG187 1884 1/2d. Slate-blue. Small envelope sent underpaid at the 1/2d. printed matter and Post Card rate.


SG197 1887 ½d. Vermilion “Jubilee”. Used to uprate ½d. Brown stationery wrapper sent underpaid from LONDON to BELGIUM…


SG197 1887 ½d. Vermilion “Jubilee”. Used to uprate ½d. Brown stationery wrapper sent underpaid from LONDON to SWITZERLAND…


SG219 1907 1d. Scarlet on underpaid cover to Paris, by 1 1/2d. with 60c Postage Dues, dated October 13th 1907.


SG38/ 41var 1857 1d. Transitional strip of 4, ex plate 43, AD-AG on underpaid cover to Montpelier, France.


SG40 1858 Entire Liverpool to Montpellier, France. Underpaid with a strip of 4 1d Stars.


SG436 1929 PUC, underpaid front to Switzerland.


SG7 1841 1d. Red-brown plate 5, NB, state 2, on large part underpaid circular.


SG8 1843 1d. Red-brown JK, on underpaid cover to Wick. Neat No. 1 in maltese cross with circular “More to Pay” plus manuscript “2” – 2d. postage due.


SG94 1865 4d. Vermilion, plate 7, IK, on underpaid cover, Bradford to Paris.


SG94 1869 4d. Vermilion Pl.11 (FC). Wmk. Large Garter. Underpaid entire sent from LONDON to FRANCE cancelled by the “77” duplex for MY. 24. 70. with a red “PD” in oval alongside…


SGD1 1914 ½d. Emerald. Wmk. Simple Cypher Sideways. Underpaid envelope from EGYPT to DUBLIN with 5m. Rose cancelled by Suez c.d.s. with “2½D/I.S.G.” surcharge below…


SGD1/ D4 1914 Underpaid cover to Manchester, charged 2½d. due with “Northwest T.P.O Day Down” cds.


SGD13/ D14 1934 Underpaid letter. Russia to London, Cricklewood.


SGD49/ D51 1960 Southern Rhodesia underpaid cover from Sailsbury to Gewelo.