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SG178, 180 & 183 1884 2s. 6d. Lilac (GE), 5s. Rose (EC) and 10s. Ultramarine (MC). “SPECIMEN” Type 11.


SG183 – 1884 10s. Ultramarine (BD). White Paper.


SG183 1883 10/- Ultramarine, FD. Superb Accrington cds for NO.15.01.


SG183 1883/ 84 10/- Ultramarine, KG. Superb used Manchester Telegraphs Office with c.d.s. for NO. 20. 89.


SG183 1884 10s. Ultramarine (JF). White Paper. “SPECIMEN” Type 9. Part o.g. example… fresh colour. Spec. K14s – Cat. £425.


SG183a 1883/ 84 10/- Pale Ultramarine, CE. Central Telegraph Office for JU.19.97.


SG218/19 & 230 1902 ½d. Yellowish Green, 1d. Scarlet and 2½d. Ultramarine (x 2) D.L.R. Used on P.P.C. depicting Sikh native Officers…


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine D.L.R. Envelope sent from MALVERN to CHICAGO.


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine D.L.R. “FRANCO BRITISH EXHIBITION” Handstamp.


SG230 2 1/2d. Ultramarine FIRST DAY OF ISSUE; Penzance double ring cds for JA.1.02.


SG242a 1906 5d. Dull Purple and Ultramarine (C). D.L.R. Very fine unmounted o.g. Spec. M29(2).


SG244 1906 5d. Slate Purple and Ultramarine (C). D.L.R. Superb unmounted o.g. bottom marginal block of four.


SG244 1906 5d. Slate Purple and Ultramarine (C). D.L.R. Used on ‘PARCEL POST’ label of EAUDYKE. Most unusually with a manuscript cancellation.


SG251a 1902 DLR 9d. Slate purple and ultramarine (chalky paper).


SG251a var 1905 9d. Slate purple and deep ultramarine, Chalk surfaced paper. A brilliant unmounted o.g marginal block of four.


SG372Wj 1912/ 22 1/2d. Ultramarine REVERSED WMK.


SG435 & SG466 1929 1d. Scarlet. Postal Union Congress & 1937 2½d. Ultramarine (x2), London to Eastwolds, South Africa


SG441var 1934 Photogravure Colour Trial 1½d. Deep Ultramarine pair, mounted mint, original gum.


SG441var 1934 Photogravure Colour Trial 1½d. Ultramarine pair, mounted mint, original gum on gummed, watermarked paper.


SG456 1935 Silver Jubilee 2 1/2d. Ultramarine cyl. 34 no dot, perf. 5A I/I, unmounted.




SG466cw 1937 2 1/2d. Ultramarine INVERTED watermark pane. Unmounted, original gum and “P” perf. Good perfs.


SG478b 1942 Parcel Tag, London to Madera, with block 6 10/- Ultramarine, plus 1/2d., 4d., and 2x 1/- on reverse.


SG489var 1941 2½d. Light Ultramarine, fine “Dr. Blade” variety in marginal pair.


SG491 1946 Victory 2½d. Ultramarine, an unmounted block of 6, S46 with the scarce cylinder 9 no dot.


SG499var 1949 UPU 2½d. Ultramarine “Major retouch”, cyl. 5 no dot R18/ 2. Nice corner block, lightly hinged on top pair.


SG504 1952 1d. Light Ultramarine HERNE BAY provisional. A very fine example of this rare stamp.


SG504 1954 New Colours 1d. Light Ultramarine Ad. pane, perf type I. Inverted wmk. Spec QB20a.


SGO105 1903 2 1/2d. Ultramarine Admiralty Official, type 1. Fine used, fresh colour.


SGO39 1902 2 1/2d. Ultramarine OW Official. Very fine cds used example. Good, original colour.


SGO77 1902 9d. Dull purple and ultramarine GOVT. PARCELS, “open top to S”. A sound used example.


SGO85 1902 2 1/2d. Ultramarine Board of Education on OHMS “Board of Education, South Kensington” envelope.


SGO85 1902/ 4 2 1/2d Ultramarine Board of Education. Good used Dublin double ring cds.