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1875 Telegraph Large size head die proof in black on white glazed card. Endorsed , “Before Hardening”.


1884 1/- Deep Brown, a complete sheet of the NTC Ltd. Unmounted. Attractive and unusual.


1884 1/- NTC Ltd. A complete sheetlet of 12. Unmounted original gum. Attractive and unusual.


1884 National Telephone Company Ltd 1d. Grey black sheetlet of 12, unmounted.


c.1875 Telegraph unadopted head die proof, AP.29.75. Before Heardening in black on glazed white card. Cat. £1800.


SG117 1871 1/- Green, plate 6, TL. Fine used, Birmingham Telegraph Office cds, for MY.3.72.


SG118 1867 2s. Dull Blue Pl.1 (OI). Concentric Ring (7) Handstamp.


SG163 1881 1/- Orange-brown, plate 13, CL-EL. Vertical strip used with 855 Telegraphic Railway numeral of Ludgate Hill.


SG180 1884 5/- Rose, AF, very fine used, Manchester Telegraphs cancel for MY.10.89.


SG183 1883/ 84 10/- Ultramarine, KG. Superb used Manchester Telegraphs Office with c.d.s. for NO. 20. 89.


SG211 1887 1/- Green, block of 6. A tad discoloured, neat Railway Telegraphic numeral cancels, no. 49 of Arthington, NE Railway.


SGL 1890 3d. Telegraph plate 1, perfined GP + Co., Grace Produce Co., from Bethnal Green to Canada. Rare “official” use of aTelegrapgh stamp.


SGL201 1876/ 81 Telegraphs 1/2d. – 5/-. 12 values, used postally. Various condition but scarce.


SGL201 1881 1/2d. Orange, plate 5. Telegraph accepted for postage on postcard, Brighton to M. P. Castle, former President of the RPS, 1913 – 1917.


SGL201 c.1875 Telegraph, small head die proof in lilac on glazed white card. Head, uncleared, within large lilac circle. Unlisted SG in this colour.


SGL202 + SG172 1884 1d. Telegraph plate 1 in combination with 1d. Lilac on local London envelope, top left corner trimmed. A nice combination of postage and telegraph stamps.


SGL202 1880 1d. Red-brown, plate 1 pair on Post Office Telegraphs receipt for a message to Witten, Germany.


SGL202 1880 1d. Red-brown, plate 1 pair, GE – GF on P. O Telegraphs receipt form.


SGL202 1880 Post Office Telegraph receipt for a Telegraph message to Berlin.


SGL202 1884 1d. Telegraph plate 1 on local London envelope. Fancy London c.d.s. dated SP. 30. 84. Attractive and very scarce.


SGL202 1894 1d. Red-brown plate 1. Postally used on piece with superb Colchester squared circle, dated JU.4.94.


SGL203 1876 1d. Red-brown Pl.2 (OD). Rarely seen Telegraph stamp Paying postage on envelope from LONDON to GROVE PARK, KENT.


SGL203 1876 1d. Red-brown, plate 2, SH. Very fine used with BLUE Newcastle on Tyne cds.


SGL205 1876 3d. Carmine Pl.1 (LC). TELEGRAPHS. Wmk. Spray Sideways.


SGL205 1876 3d. Carmine, plate 1. Imperforate colour standard sheet of 20, overprinted Specimen type 10.


SGL206 1876 3d. Carmine plate 2, KA-MD, watermark spray, and perfined B+L/ H. Rare used block of 12.


SGL207 1876 3d. Carmine plate 3, JJ. Good used, cds dated AU.16.80.


SGL207 1876 3d. Telegraph plate 3, RD, plate proof in black on white wove unwatermarked paper. Scarce.


SGL207 1876 3d. Telegraph, plate 3, TD. Plate proof in black on white wove unwatermarked paper. Scarce.


SGL207a 1876 3d. Rose plate 3, spray watermark inverted, GK.


SGL208 1881 3d. Carmine, pl. 3 pair, FC-FD, wmk Crown inverted.


SGL211 1876 4d. Telegraph die proof in black on glazed card, dated Oct.31.1876. Irregular lower frame line.


SGL211 1876 4d. Telegraph die proof, blank letter squares and plate number circles, dated Oct.31.1876.


SGL211 1876 4d. Telegraph die proofs, blank letter and plate number, dated Nov. 1st – 3rd 1876.


SGL211 1877 4d. Sage green, plate 1, CC – FF. Superb original gum block of 16. Specimen type 9.


SGL211 1877 4d. Sage-green Pl.1 (AA).