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1840 1d. Mulready letterhead, A18, a superb unused example. Deep fresh colour.


1841 Wrapper, Glasgow to Cockburnspath, sent unpaid with just a superb black maltese cross at top right.


1843 1d. Mulready Advert wrapper (Atlas Insurance Co.), neatly folded and sent to Colchester. Superb no. 9 in maltese cross.


1843 1d. Pink NORWICH maltese cross, a superb strike!


1845 1d. Pink envelope, 905 numeral of Wolverhampton to Cheltenham, with a superb strike of the rare “Missent To/ Railway Post Office” in black.


1864 Admiralty cover, prepaid “Official Paid” red cds for 10.11.64 and superb DIRECTOR of TRANSPORT SERVICES cachet in blue.


1871 Azemar Experimental Cancellation. 1d. pink entire to Kilwinning, with a superb strike of this scarce cancel.


1877 1/2d. Post card. Used locally in London and cancelled by a superb crisp red thimble cds.


1884 De La Rue embossing trials for security printing – three superb die proofs.


1895 Revenue. £1 violet and black CIVIL SERVICE overprint. Superb used on small part form


1901 1/2d. Orange Stationery envelope with a superb blue advert, “Use Dr. Lovelace’s Soap”.


1911 Minerva Head by De La Rue, superb unmounted with no shading around head.


c.1920 Harry Furniss envelope and insert. Superb mint stationery item.


Canada 1906 1c. Blue-green. Superb used on a wonderfully decorative U.P.U. Post Card with a religious theme and the music to “Ave Maria”…


Perkins Bacon. A superb die proof in black on glazed card of the frame plate of the so called George IV specimen stamp.


SG102 1872 3d. Deep Rose Pl.8 (MI). Superb used left hand wing marginal cancelled by a light YARMOUTH c.d.s. for AU. 23. 72.


SG103 1867 3d. Rose pl. 6, CJ. Superb Torquay cds for OC.30.71. Attractive.


SG103 1867 3d. Rose, plate 6, CF. Superb used, neat Torquay cds. Lovely colour.


SG103 1867/ 80 3d. Rose, plate 8, DD. Superb used. Crisp BLUE telegraphic cancel. Quite spectacular!


SG103 1873 3d. Rose, plate 10, HE. Superb used, Eastcheap cds for JY.5.73. Rare plate.


SG109 1869 6d. Mauve Pl.8 (CH). Without Hyphen. Superb fancy “zig-zag” cancel.


SG109 1870 6d. Mauve Pl.9 (SI). Without Hyphen. Wmk. Spray.


SG109 1870 6d. Violet, plate 9, HB. Superb used, neat VALPARISO cds cancel. Excellent colour.


SG110 1867 9d. Straw plate 4, watermark spray. Superb used on piece, top marginal example.


SG110 1867 9d. Straw, BG. Superb used, VALPARISO cds for Dec.15.1875.


SG110 1867 9d. Straw, pl. 4, SH. Superb part Telegraphic cancel (Scotland). Nice colour and unusual.


SG111 1867 9d. Pale straw, LC. A superb cds example. Neat upright Bedale cancel. Attractive.


SG113 1867 10d. Pale red-brown, MB. Superb cds example, Valpariso cds for Mar.3.75.


SG114 1867 10d. Deep red-brown, EF, superb used. Huntingdon cds, excellent deep colour. A very tricky stamp!


SG117 1867 1/- Green, plate 6, HE. Superb used, neat Yarmouth cds for AU.1.72. Attractive.


SG117 1867 1/- Green, plate 6, SB. Superb used. Nice red cds for MY.30.72. Attractive and rare!


SG117 1867 1s. Green.Pl.4.(IG).Wmk Spray. Superb used, cancelled by a cracking, upright DUNDEE cds for MR.11.69.


SG117 1871 1s. Green Pl.6 (SB). Wmk. Spray. Superb used cancelled by a LEISTON c.d.s.


SG122 1872 6d. Deep Chestnut pl. 11, RL. Superb Maryborough cds for July 24th 1872.


SG122 1872 6d. Deep Chestnut Pl.11 (NG – NH). Wmk. Spray. Superb used right wing marginal pair.


SG122 1872 6d. Deep Chestnut Pl.11 (TC). Superb used cancelled by part c.d.s. for SP. 12. 72. Cat. £125+.