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SG143 1873 3d. Rose Pl.12 (QJ). Envelope from JERSEY to PARIS “via Granville” cancelled by a super strike of the “409” duplex for FE. 8. 74.


SG151 – 1880 1s. Orange-brown. Pl.13 (GE). Wmk Spray. Super fresh unused o.g.


SG163 – 1881 1s. Orange-brown (NB). Wmk Crown. Fantastic used with a cracking COATBRIDGE c.d.s. Super quality!


SG172 1894 1d. Lilac on nicely painted cover, Weston Super Mare to Teignmouth.


SG197 1894 ½d. Vermilions on hand illustrated cover, Weston Super Mare to Teignmouth.


SG197 1897 1/2d. Vermilion on postcard, Weston Super Mare to Tiverton.


SG24 1855 1d. Red-brown SC14 BRIGHT GREEN DUBLIN Spoon, 186- super colour. Attractive.


SG285var 1911 Harrison p.15 x 14 3d. Dull reddish purple on lemon. Super lightly mounted – on top two only.


SG33 1854 1d. Orange-brown LC14 pl. 44. Superb u/m example, super fresh colour – rarely seem shade.


SG362 1912/ 22 1 1/2d. Yellow-brown pane of 6. Lightly mounted on one. Tone spot not detracting from this super fresh pane with excellent perfs.


SG370a 1921 2d. Orange Die II. Very fine, lightly hinged pane. Super fresh. Spec NB11.


SG40 1856 1d Star (LD). Super hand illustrated clock.


SG400var 1913 Waterlow 2/6d. Blackish sepia (grey sepia). A super fresh, original gum example of this rare shade.


SG420c 1924 1 1/2d. Printed on the gummed side. A very fine example, super fresh colour. Scarce.


SG421var 1931 2d. Orange, P31 control block of 6, top strip mounted, paperfold caused by a corner fold prior to perforating. Super block!


SG43 1864 1d. Rose-red, plate 81, NJ. Delightful small envelope, cancelled by a super strike of the Worcester Spoon (fifth re-cut and scarcest).


SG66a 1857 4d. Rose (large garter). Superb red PD in oval, Paid to Destination. A super strike.


SG79 1862/ 64 4d. Bright red, plate 3, RC. Super fresh part original gum. Excellent colour.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown.(AC). Super Irish use. Entire to Ballymoney.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown.(CH). Super NAVY POST OFFICE strike.


SG9 1852/ 53 1d. Pale red-brown (worn plate) plate 156, Alphabet II. A super fresh example, IL.