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1843 Stationery. 1d. Pink envelope. London No.7 in maltese cross.


1859 Stationery. 1d. Pink envelope. Fine used example, cancelled by the Kingston experimental duplex.


1903 Stationery. 1d. used Levant. The Edward VII Post Card Issues 1902 – 1912.


1918 Stationery. 1½d. Red-brown “cut out” ringed in blue crayon, on envelope addressed to Devon, England.


1924 Stationery. 1924 British Empire Exhibition 1 1/2d. Brown Post Card.


1924 Stationery. British Empire Exhibition 1d. Red Post Card. Addressed to Birmingham.


SGO101 1903 ½d. Blue-green Stationery. ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL Postcard. PLYMOUTH to the ISLE of WIGHT, sent from HMS ‘Pilot’ at Devonport. Rare.


Stationery. 1843 1d. Pink envelope. London number 2 in maltese cross.


Stationery. 1843 1d. Pink Envelope. London number 7 in maltese cross.


Stationery. 1856 Par. Pro. Wrapper, London to Birmingham, signed “R. Spooner”.


Stationery. 1894 1d. Pink envelope. Unusually addressed in red and black ink with a “bow” in green crayon.


Stationery. 1911 Private postcard from Cambridge to St. John’s College.