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1876 1/2d. Rose-red, plate 11, EF, on printed Great Northern Railway notice of “Advice of goods carried at station to station rates”.


1894 Railway Station postmarks, ½d. Stationery envelope from Seaton, Devon to Bletchingly, dated 30th July 1894.


1896 Railway Station postmarks, Cape of Good Hope postcard, underpaid charge “T/5c” and “1d/F.B” to Hastings.


SG122a 1872 6d. Chestnut. Pl.11. Wmk Spray.(SD). Railway Telegraph Station Cancellation.


SG143 1876 Railway Station postmarks; “964” numeral of Euston Square Station – a fine strike of this rare cancel.


SG157 1882 Railway Station postmarks, 2½d. Blue, plate 23 Registered Stationery envelope to Germany.


SG17/ 42 1858 Railway Station postmarks – Ireland. Cover addressed to Dublin.


SG172 1890 Railway Station postmarks; 1d. Lilac on cover Tenterden, Kent, then re-directed via Ashford Station.


SG208 1887 6d. Purple/ rose-red used block of 6 with Appleby Station cancels. Attractive.


SG211 1887 1/- Dull green block of 6, neat Cargill Station cancels of the Caledonian Railway. Deep colour.


SG211 1890 Railway Station postmarks Parcel Post label, used from Priory Street, Dover.


SG218 1909 Railway Station postmarks, Broadstairs Station Kent.


SG261/ SG247 1906 Parcel Post label, London, Sydenham, with 2/6d & 6d neatly cancelled “Sydenham, nr. Station S.E”.


SG328 Railway Station postmarks; “Sunningdale Station / Ascot”, cancelling strip of 3 1d’s on Registered cover to Wimbledon.


SG43 1876 Railway Station postmarks, Weybridge Station – B87 duplex, dated 20th July 1876.


SG439/40 1934 Envelope addressed to LLANBERIS put in at EUSTON STATION


SGO13 1893 Railway Station postmarks, ½d. vermilion Inland Revenue Official on local OHMS envelope used in Brighton.


SGO3 1893 Railway Station postmarks on large OHMS envelope to Angmering.


SGO3 1900 Railway Station postmarks. Inland Revenue Official on OHMS cover, used within Dover.


SGO3 1902 Railway Station postmarks 1d. Inland Revenue Official on OHMS cover.