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1848 1d. Pink envelope to St. John’s Wood, neatly cancelled by the 61 numeral in oval of bars of Willesden.


1850 1d. Pink sent uncancelled from St. Columb, blue cds JY.31.1850.


1916 National Philatelic War Fund sheetlets x6, in aid of the Red Cross and St. John.


SG103 1867 3d. Rose pl. 6, IG. French 3734 lozenge cancel of St. Malo. Attractive.


SG110 1869 9d. Straw pl. 4 (spray wmk), BL, on cover London to St. Petersburg.


SG123 1872 6d. Pale Buff Pl.11 (HI). Wmk. Spray. Used in ST. THOMAS.


SG14 1842 2d. Blue pl. 3 (LE) State 1 “eyebrow flaw” on London over, black mc and blue “T.P/ Charles St. West” alongside.


SG143 1873 3d. Rose, plate 11, GA. Very fine used, lozenge of dots number 3734 assigned to St. Malo.


SG143 1874 3d. Rose, plate 14, NJ. Superb St. John’s Wood 41/B duplex.


SG150 1874 1/- Deep green, plate 10, QJ. Very fine cds, St. Martinsle Grand, May 7th 1875.


SG152 1876 4d. Vermilion, plate 15, DL. Fine used on piece, “C51” numeral of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies. Nice colour.


SG153 1877 4d. Sage-green Pl.16 (CK). Fine used cancelled by LOMBARD ST. duplex. Cat. £300.


SG153, SG156 & SG48 1878 St. Andrews to New York, USA. Franked 1/ 1/2d.. (five times the 2 1/2d. letter rate).


SG157 1881 2 1/2d. Blue pl. 21, Qd. Entire, Jersey to St. Malo, uncancelled upon dispatch.


SG17/ 42 1854 1d. Red-brown, EH. LC14 cancelled with a superb St. Malo 3176 lozenge cancel. Attractive.


SG17/ 42 1856 NW London, Willesden to Chichester. 1d. Star cancelled with St. John’s Wood 39 numeral.


SG172 1897 Egypt to London then re-directed to St. Leonards on Sea, with the addition of 1d. Lilac, dd. FE.26.1879.


SG172 1901 1d. Lilac on cover to St. James’s, then redirected to Florence, Italy.


SG201 1887 2½d. Purple on Blue “Jubilee”. “MIDLAND GRAND HOTEL – ST. PANCRAS, LONDON” advertising envelope. Sent from LONDON to OHIO…


SG218a 1906 DLR 1/2d. Yellowish green St. Andrews cross pane, u/m, wmk upright and p perf.


SG218a 1906 DLR 1/2d. Yellowish-green St. Andrews Cross pane, u/m, E perf.


SG218aw 1906 1/2d. Yellowish green St. Andrews Cross pane. Watermark inverted, decent perforations, unmounted, original gum.


SG218aw 1906 DLR 1/2d. Yellowish green. St. Andrews cross. Booklet pane of 6, without selvedge. Mounted mint.


SG219aw 1906 1d. DLR pane, watermark inverted, cancelled St. Andrews Cross type A. Good perf. and unmounted o.g.


SG219aw 1906 1d. DLR pane, watermark inverted, cancelled St. Andrews Cross type A. Good perfs and unmounted o.g.


SG228var 1910 2d. Grey-green and Scarlet (C). DLR. Very fine used cancelled by Oxford St. cds. Spec. M12(4).


SG260var 1902 2s. 6d. Slate-purple. D.L.R. Very fine used cancelled by REGISTERED – THREADNEEDLE ST. c.d.s. for 26. AP. 05. Spec. M48(2) – Cat. £150+.


SG270aw 1911 Harrison 1/2d. St. Andrew’s cross pane. Inverted watermark and unmounted, original gum.


SG351 & 362 1912-13 1/2d. Green and 1 1/2d. Red-brown. Used on envelope in London with a blue St. Dunstan’s charity label alongside.


SG351 1921 4d. Green registered envelope, West Street, Sheffield, with an additional 1/2d. plus a St. Dunstens charity label.


SG401 c. 1913 Parcel piece with 5s. Waterlow Seahorse + 9d. & 1s. Royal Cypher cancelled “47 Cannon St.” London.


SG41 1857 1d. Deep Rose-red (GI – GL). Die II. LC. P.14. French Handstamp. Strip of four on entire from JERSEY to ST. MALO.


SG419 1932 St. Austell, Cornwall postcard to Selangor, F.M.S.


SG43/ SG45 1869 1d. Rose-red, plate 95, plus 2d. Blue, plate 9, on entire from St. Malo.


SG504var 1951 1d. Light Ultramarine. BURY ST. EDMONDS PROVISIONAL.


SG542 1955 1½. Green. Wmk. St. Edwards Crown. Underpaying a Printed Paper Rate envelope sent locally in SHEFFEILD.