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1890 Penny Postage Jubilee – South Kensington.


1918 YMCA envelope, endorsed “O.A.S” from Sutton Veny Camp, Wiltshire to South Australia.


SG122b 1872 6d. Pale chestnut, plate 11, FK – FL pair with South Shore cds’s.


SG123 1872 6d. Pale-buff, plate 12, SH. Very fine used, Tarbolton, South Ayrshire cds for MY.16.76.


SG147 1880 6d. Grey plate 17, NG. Used on cover, London to South Australia, per “Orient” line, via Plymouth.


SG157 1883 2½d. plate 23 x2, plus 1d. lilac on cover, London to the Friendly Islands, South Western Pacific i.e Tonga.


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Mourning envelope sent from Pimlico to South Kensington Museum, cancelled by two crisp JA.3.82 cds’s.


SG194 1885 6d. Dull green on cover to Natal, South Africa. Nicely cancelled with the 27B duplex of Stockwell.


SG198 1887 1½d. Dull Purple and Pale Green “Jubilee”. PENNY POST JUBILEE – SOUTH KENSINGTON.


SG202 1887 3d. Purple on Yellow “Jubilee”. PENNY POST JUBILEE – SOUTH KENSINGTON.


SG207a 1888 5d. Dull Purple and Blue “Jubilee”. Die II. PENNY POST JUBILEE – SOUTH KENSINGTON.


SG217 1904 ½d. Pale Yellowish Green. D.L.R. Horizontal pair on “POST CARD” depicting a Naval Officer… sent from SOUTHEND-ON-SEA to SOUTH AFRICA


SG29 1856 1d. Red-brown LC14 Die II Alph III pl. 30 (GJ), on envelope to London, cancelled with the BROWN “724” numeral of South Molton.


SG392var 1920 9d. Very deep agate, superb cds used on Parcel Post label, South Norwood.


SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (RJ). Die II. LC. P.14. Exceptional used example cancelled by a light SOUTH SHIELDS c.d.s.


SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red LC14 on white paper, pl. 52, RK. Very fine South Shields cds for NO.18.57. Attractive.


SG43 1879 1d. Rose-red Pl.225 (SC). Envelope sent from EXETER to SOUTH MOLTON.


SG435 & SG466 1929 1d. Scarlet. Postal Union Congress & 1937 2½d. Ultramarine (x2), London to Eastwolds, South Africa


SG45 1860 2d. Blue pl. 8, AG, on neat envelope from London WC/2 cancel, to South Molton.


SG81 1863 4d. Bright Red, plate 4, ND. Hair lines. Watermark Large Garter. Envelope from South West London to Boulogne.




SGD2 1916 Chiswick to Bayswater. Postage “paid” by an unaccepted South African 1d.


SGD49 1956 Window envelope, London to South Chard, 2d. bisect pay the 1d. Postage Due.


SGO85 1902 2 1/2d. Ultramarine Board of Education on OHMS “Board of Education, South Kensington” envelope.