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SG118 1867 2/- Dull blue, FD, sound used, “British & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Co.” segmented concentric rings cancel.


SG17 1854 (Nov) 1d. Red-brown, SC16, but PERF 7 at left. Sound used example.


SG193var 1884 5d. Dull green, PA. “Plug flaw at lower A”. Sound used.


SG357 1912/ 22 1d. Scarlet VARNISH INK variety. A sound example with excellent characteristics, sadly creased.


SG400 1913 Waterlow 2/ 6d. Sepia brown. Sound used example with neat cancels for 7.AP.15.


SG415avar 1921 2/6d. BW (Sepia-brown) sound used block of 6.


SG449 1935 1/- Photo “blurred beard”. Sound used example. Unusual.


SG48 1871 ½d. Rose-red Pl.9 (BK). Good used example of the scarcest of the ½d. plates… a bit off-centred, nevertheless, sound and collectable. Cat. £850.


SGO3Wi 1882 1d. Lilac I.R Official. Inverted watermark. A sound used example.


SGO64c 1883 1/- Orange brown, plate 14, BE. A sound used example of this rare stamp.


SGO67 1888 9d. Jubilee GOVT. PARCELS, “open top to S”, sound used. Cancel clear of variety.


SGO75 1902 2d. Yellowish green and carmine red. GOVT PARCELS, “open top to S”. Sound used, parcel cancel, well clear of the variety.


SGO77 1902 9d. Dull purple and ultramarine GOVT. PARCELS, “open top to S”. A sound used example.


SGO84 1902/ 4 1d. Scarlet Board of Education. Sound used and showing disc flaw, broken A in BOARD.