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SG289 1912 1½d. Slate Purple and Green. S. House. Very fine unmounted o.g. Cat. £65. (2X.86) £36


SG292 1911 Somerset House 2d. Grey green and bright carmine. Very fine unmounted marginal block of 4. Spec M13(4).


SG293var 1912 London Parcel label with 5d. Somerset with Maida Hill cds’s JU.26.12.


SG310 1911 10d. Somerset House, Dull Reddish Purple and Aniline Pink. Very fine used, part cds cancel. Scarce.


SG315/ SG320 1913 Somerset House. 2s. 6d. & £1 on small part parcel / registered front.


SG318 1912 5/- Carmine Somerset House printing. Fine used marginal block of 6


SG357var 1922 1d. Pale Scarlet. Somerset House experimental Coil Printing. “SPECIMEN” Type 30.


SG398var 1922 1d. Pale scarlet, watermark Simple Cypher, Somerset House experimental printing.


SG398var 1922 1d. Pale scarlet, watermark Simple Cypher. Somerset House experimental printing.


SG426aWi 1926 6d. Purple. Ordinary Paper. Somerset House Printing. Watermark Block Cypher Inverted.


SG62 1856 Entire from Tourcoing, France with imperf. 40c. Naploean sent to Wellington, Somerset, but first being missent to Taunton.


SG66a 1858 4d. Rose on cover from Upper Clevedon, Somerset, neatly cancelled with the 017 numeral of Upper Clevedon.


SG8 841 1d. Red-brown.(CF). OHMS cover to Somerset House


SGD4 1920 2d. Agate Postage Due, Somerset House control D.14 on unfranked envelope with h/s “2d” of Hampstead.


SGD7 1914 5d. Brownish cinnamon Somerset D.14 control, lightly m/m. Cat. £45.