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SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Inverted “X” Control. Superb unmounted o.g. corner block of six.


SG219aw 1902 1d. Scarlet. D.L.R. Watermark Inverted. Booklet pane of six.


SG272a 1911 1d. Brick-Red. Harrison. P.14. NO WATERMARK. Superb unmounted o.g. block of six.


SG284 1911 2 1/2d. Dull Blue. Harrison P15 x 14. Fine unused original gum. Bottom r.h corner marginal block of six.


SG29 1855 1d. Red-brown, plate 32 (CA-CF) Die II. LC. P.14. Spec C8. Very fine used strip of six.


SG329 1911 1d. Carmine. Die 1B. Wmk Crown. Unused o.g. “A 11” control block of six.


SG336aw 1912 1d. Scarlet. Die 1B. Wmk Simple Cypher Inverted. Booklet pane of six.


SG346 1912 ½d. Green. Die 2. Wmk Multiple Cypher. Coil join in strip of six. Very fine.


SG354 1913 ½d. Bright yellow-green. Royal Cypher. Superb G15 perf control block of six.


SG357 1912 1d. Bright-scarlet. Royal Cypher. Booklet Pane of Six. Pre-cancelled LONDON E.C. Type I dated 3. AP. 14.


SG366 1912 2d. Orange-yellow. Royal Cypher. Superb Q21 perf control block of six.


SG389 1917 7d. Sage-green. Royal Cypher. Superb unmounted G15 control block of six.


SG420 1924 1½d. Red-brown. Block Cypher. Norris Correspondence. Hand illustrated envelope depicting a chicken and six chicks…


SG435 – 1929 1d. Scarlet. Postal Union Congress. “CO” Joined (Pl. 2, R. 19/11). Superb unmounted o.g. “K 29” control block of six.


SG435 1929 PUC 1d. Scarlet “Co joined” plate 2, R19/11. K29 Control block of six.


SG455 1935 1½d. Red-brown. Silver Jubilee. Very fine unused o.g. (5 u/m) control “W/35” cylinder “48” dot block of six. Perf Type 5E/I.


SG499 2½d. 1949 75th Anniversary of U.P.U. Major Re-touch (Cyl. 5 No Dot, R. 18/2). Mounted mint example in a cylinder block of six. Spec. QCom18b