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SG280var 1911 1d. Intense Rose-red. Harrison. P.15 X 14. Good used example of this rare shade.


SG29 1855 1d. Red-brown. Pl.27 (KH – LJ). Die II. LC. P.14. Unused part o.g. block of six in a most unusual “Bronze” shade.


SG33 1854 1d. Orange-brown LC14 pl. 44. Superb u/m example, super fresh colour – rarely seem shade.


SG353var 1912/ 22 1/2d. Very deep green. A fine, lightly mounted example of this scarce shade.


SG357var 1912 1d. Pink. Royal Cypher. Superb u/m o.g. block of four. Very rare multiple of this distinctive shade. Wonderful block. Spec. N16(10).


SG362var 1912/ 22 1 1/2d. Deep red-brown. A fresh mounted mint pane, with a possible plate marking in Jubilee line opposite R1/1. Spec N18(3) deep shade.


SG363var 1912/ 22 1 1/2d. Chocolate. A fine mounted mint N19 Control example. Scarce shade.


SG400var 1913 Waterlow 2/6d. Blackish sepia (grey sepia). A super fresh, original gum example of this rare shade.


SG402var 1913 Waterlow 10/- Indigo. Superb used, an intense shade. Guernsey SE.30.13. Spec N69(2).


SG403var 1912/ 13 £1 Yellowish green, deep shade. Overprinted CANCELLED type 24. A colour trial on Joynosn paper.


SG404 1913 £1 Dull blue green, quite a deep shade. Neat Jersey cds for 6.DEC.16.


SG417var 1919 BW 10/- Blackish blue, fine unmounted example of this scarce shade. Spec N71(3).


SG419var 1924 1d. Deep scarlet vermilion. Booklet pane. Inverted watermark, lightly hinged on two of this scarce shade.


SG424var 1934 4d. Very deep grey-green. A very fine o.g V34 control example of this distinctive shade.


SG45 1858 2d. Blue Pl.7 (CG). Thick Lines. Pale shade.


SG45 1868 2d. Blue, plate 12, LD. Thick lines. Fine used in a deep shade.


SG46var 1869 2d. “Milky blue” shade from plate 13, II – JJ. A fresh original gum block in this unusual shade.


SG8 1843 1d. Red-brown pl. 39, OJ. In an orange, red shade. Neatly cancelled with a black mc leaving a clear profile.


SGL212 1877 6d. Colour trial, plate 1. Imperforate pane of 20, overprinted Specimen type 11, in a deeper colour than the issued shade.