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SG162 & SG187 1883 6d. on 6d. Lilac, plate 18 & 1884 ½d. Slate-blue (x2). Mourning envelope from London to Melbourne, via Brindisi.


SG164+ SG187 1889 Registered envelope, London to Hannover.


SG187 1883 ½d. Slate blue paying printed matter rate, with cork type cancel.


SG187 1884 1/2d. Slate blue, neat dumb cancel London, sent at printed paper rate but sealed and fined 1/2d. Postage Due.


SG187 1884 1/2d. Slate-blue. Small envelope sent underpaid at the 1/2d. printed matter and Post Card rate.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue on part circular from “Ink, wax and quill merchant”


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue, SG192 4d. Green, Registered from Newcastle to Hamburg.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue. “SPECIMEN” Type 9.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue. Imprimatur.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue. Red Western District Numeral “W/5” Handstamp.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue. Used to uprate ½d. Brown stationery wrapper advertising the “NAVAL AND MILITARY GAZETTE” sent from LONDON to BADEN, GERMANY…


SG187 1885 1/2d. Slate blue “Roads and Bridges Assessment” printed form from Blairgowrie.


SG187 1885 Foldout Christmas card in the form of an imitation envelope with an imitation “Christmas” wax seal.


SG187 1886 1/2d. Slate blue pair on entire Kilburn to Staines, dated MY.15.86.


SG187 1886 ½d. Slate-blue pair on printed cover from Sandgate, Kent to Girvan.


SG187, SG188 & SG191 1886 2d. Registered envelope, Leeds to USA.