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1913 Simple Cypher Watermark Paper.


1915 “Philatelically inspired” presentation sheet with Royal Cypher values to 1/- plus Seahorse 2/6d DLR.


1921 SG413a Bradbury Wilkinson 2/6d. chocolate-brown. Experimental printing, watermark sideways and reversed. Unmounted.


1939 10/- Re-engraved 10/- x7, plus photo 4d & 2x 1/-‘s on parcel post label, used from London dated 9.JA.39.


SG399 / SG401 1914 Waterlow 2/6d. & 5/- on superb matching Registered covers to Germany.


SG399 1913 2s. 6d. Brown. Waterlow “Sea Horse”.


SG399 1913 Seahorse Royal Cypher watermark, presentation sample card on manila card.


SG399/400 – Waterlow 1913 2s6d. Deep Sepia-brown and sepia brown.


SG400 1913 Waterlow 2/ 6d. Sepia brown. Sound used example with neat cancels for 7.AP.15.


SG400 a 1913 2s. 6d. Sepia-brown. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Re-entry (Pl. HV3, R. 2/1).


SG400var 1913 Waterlow 2/ 6d. Sepia-brown. Vertically ribbed paper. Very fine original gum example of this unusual and unlisted variety.


SG400var 1913 Waterlow 2/6d. Blackish sepia (grey sepia). A super fresh, original gum example of this rare shade.


SG401 – 1913 5s. Pale rose carmine. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Kiss print.


SG401 1913 5/- Rose-carmine. Waterlow ptg. A very fine thimble cds, Melton Mowbray, dated 27.3.41.


SG401 1913 5s. Carmine – Pale Impression. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Rough Plate Proof.


SG401s var 1913/ 18 5/- Waterlow rose-carmine, overprinted Specimen type 26. Spec N66(1)s. Scarce.


SG401var 1913 5s. Rose-Carmine. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Rough Plate Proof.


SG401var 1913 5s. Rose-Carmine. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Rough Plate Proof.


SG401var 1913 Waterlow 5/- carmine red. Very fine cds example, Jersey 8.JA.15.


SG402 – 1913 10s. Blue. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Superb used cancelled by small part Registered oval.


SG402 1913 10/- Waterlow. A superb used, full marginal example with neat Guernsey cds.


SG402 1913 10s. Blue. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Superb used.


SG402 1913 10s. Indigo-blue. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Superb used top left corner marginal cancelled by a neat GUERNSEY c.d.s.


SG402 1913 Waterlow 10/- Indigo blue, neat Guernsey cds for 7th March 1914. Stunning colour!


SG402var 1913 Waterlow 10/- Indigo. Superb used, an intense shade. Guernsey SE.30.13. Spec N69(2).


SG403 1916 Registered Diplomatic bag label OHMS to Rome and dated AP.27.1916, with “set” of Seahorses 2/ 6d. – £1. .


SG403var 1912/ 13 £1 Yellowish green, deep shade. Overprinted CANCELLED type 24. A colour trial on Joynosn paper.


SG404 1913 £1 Dull blue green, quite a deep shade. Neat Jersey cds for 6.DEC.16.


SG404 1913 £1 Dull blue-green. A good used (postaly) example, registered oval cancel and full perfs.


SG404 1913 £1 Dull Blue-green. Waterlow “Sea Horse”. Superb used vertical marginal pair cancelled by very light GUERNSEY c.d.s’s.


SG405 & 411var 1915 2s. 6d. Deep Yellow-brown and 10s. Bright Blue. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”. Used on small piece (waterproof paper) from a Registered parcel cancelled by 28. MR. 16. handstamps.


SG405 – 1915 2s.6d. Deep Yellow-brown. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”.


SG405 – 1915 2s.6d. Deep Yellow-brown. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”. Used example cancelled by a light 1917 “ARMY POST OFFICE” c.d.s.


SG405 1915 2/ 6d. DLR Deep yellow brown very fine used. Neat Groswell Road, London, October 17th.


SG405 1915 2/- 6d. Deep yellow brown, very fine used with nice colour. Registered oval for 24th Oct. 1917.


SG405 1915 2/6d. Deep yellow-brown. Nice used example, cds dated 1917.


SG405 1915 2s. 6d. Deep Yellow-brown. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”. Used example with light thimble 1917 c.d.s.


SG405 1915 De La Rue 2/6d. Intense Shade caused by a “kiss print” on corner stamp. Quite spectacular.


SG405var 1915 2/ 6d. DLR, deep yellow brown (dull shade). Very fine cds cancel, Hetton Le Hole, 20.OCT.17.


SG405var 1915 2/6d. Dark brown, vertical pair (corner off at bottom left) used on Tunbridge Wells parcel post label.


SG406 1915 2/6d. Yellow-brown (dull shade). Very fine used, neat cds cancel.


SG406 1915 2s. 6d. Yellow-brown (Bright Shade). D.L.R. “Sea Horse”.


SG406 1915 2s.6d. Yellow-brown. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”.


SG406var 1915 2/6 DLR yellow-brown “Kiss Print” which shows as a doubling of almost all of the impression.


SG406var 1915 DLR 2/6d. Very deep brown. A good used example with excellent colour.


SG408 – 1915 2s. 6d. Sepia (Seal-brown). D.L.R. “Sea Horse”. Used example with light GUERNSEY c.d.s. for 21. JU. 18.


SG408var. Wj 1915/ 18 DLR 2/ 6d. Blackish brown. Reversed watermark. Superb used, full corner example. Spec N64(14)g; unpriced SG.


SG408Wi 1915/ 18 DLR 2/ 6d. Sepia (Seal brown) Inverted Watermark. Very fine used, part registered oval cancel. Spec N64(13)f.


SG409 1915 5/- DLR very fine, used example. Shaftsbury Avenue dd. 21.OC.15.


SG409 1915/ 1918 DLR 5/- Bright carmine. A very fine used example. Excellent colour.


SG410 – 1915 5s. Pale Carmine. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”. Attractive used example cancelled by SHADWELL 1918 c.d.s.


SG410 1915 5s. Pale Carmine. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”.


SG410 1915 DLR 5/- Pale carmine (worn plate). Very fine, lightly hinged example with nice centering and fresh colour.


SG410 1915 DLR 5/- Pale carmine, worn plate. Fresh, unmounted top marginal example with good perfs. Cat. £1,400.


SG410 1918 5/- DLR on Registered 2d. Stationery envelope, sent insured to Switzerland, dated 22.MY.18.


SG411 1915 10/- DLR Deep blue (worn plate). Superb cds example, Guernsey 11th Sept 1918. Spec N70(2). RPS cert.


SG412 1913/ 18 DLR 10/- Blue. Superb unmounted corner example with fresh colour. A lovely stamp.


SG412 1915 10s. Blue. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”.


SG412 1915 10s. Blue. D.L.R. “Sea Horse”. WWI Handstamp. Fine used cancelled by a superb strike of the LONDON c.d.s. with a large “Z” at base…


SG413a – 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse”.