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SG186 1888 £1 Brown Lilac (OC). Wmk. Three Orbs – Error of Watermark. Superb used cancelled by part CASTLETOWN c.d.s. Outstanding quality – rare thus. RPS Cert.


SG187s 1883 1/2d. Slate blue. Specimen type 9. Fresh unmounted example. RPS Cert.


SG19 1854 2d. Deep Blue Pl.4 (DK). Green Dublin “186” Handstamp. Exceptionally fine strike making a startling combination. Spec. F1(1). RPS Cert.


SG191s 1883 3d. Lilac. Specimen type9. Very fine, unmounted o.g. RPS cert.


SG245 1902 6d. Pale dull purple First Day of Issue, JA.1.02. Forest Hill cds on small piece. RPS cert.


SG272 1911 1d. Rose-red. Harrison. P.14. Brilliant mis-perforated block of “four” – a spectacular variety. Spec. M6(1). RPS Cert.


SG323 1911 1/2d. Bluish green Die 1a, watermark Crown. Fine mint original gum example. RPS cert.


SG351var 1913 ½d. Deep Blue (“Myrtle”) Green. Royal Cypher. Superb u/m o.g. Spec. N14(15). RPS Cert.


SG371a var 1912/ 22 2 1/2d. Deep bright blue, very fine, lightly mounted S22 control example. RPS Cert.


SG411 1915 10/- DLR Deep blue (worn plate). Superb cds example, Guernsey 11th Sept 1918. Spec N70(2). RPS cert.


SG416var 1918 5/- Bradbury rose carmine, fresh lightly mounted example. RPS cert. Spec N68(1).


SG417var 1919 10/- BW “Blackish blue” (steel blue). Superb used, double ring cds leaving a clear profile. Attractive and scarce. RPS Cert. Spec N71(3) (CIN).


SG459a 1936 Ed. 8th 1 1/2d. Advert pane no.16, cyl. G7 dot and I perf. Unmounted original gum. RPS cert.


SG459aw 1936 1 1/2d. Advert pane No. 7. Inverted watermark, unmounted original gum. RPS cert.


SG73 1856 1s. Pale-Green. Superb used cancelled by small part LONDON District Office numeral. Rare so fine. RPS Cert. Cat. £350.


SGL201 1881 1/2d. Orange, plate 5. Telegraph accepted for postage on postcard, Brighton to M. P. Castle, former President of the RPS, 1913 – 1917.


SGO4 1882 6d. Grey. Pl.18. I.R. OFFICIAL. Very fine used cancelled by part MANCHESTER REGISTERED oval. RPS Cert.