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SG103 1873 3d. Rose Pl.10 (AC). Unused with very fine o.g. and fresh rich colour… long stamp from the “A” row –


SG104 1867 6d. Lilac plate 6, AF, double perfs at top – usual “A” row misalignment. Very fine used.


SG17 1854 1d. Red-brown Pl.183 (CD – CG). ELM ROW Scots Local Handstamp (Co. & parent P.O. Edinburgh).


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Incoming mail – USA. Envelope sent from Denver to Bedford Row, London.


SG172 1885 1d. Lilac on neat cover to Row, Dumbartonshire, nicely cancelled by the very scarce “Charing Cross” hoster.


SG188 1883/ 84 1 1/2d. Lilac – B row blind perfs. – Fine used and unusual.


SG188s 1883/ 84 1½d. Lilac SPECIMEN type 9. Superb unmounted corner block of 9, KA-MC. B row showing blind perfs.


SG338 1912 ½d. Deep Green. Die 2. Wmk Crown. Top right corner block of ten. Varieties in top row ‘No cross on Crown’ and ‘No cross on Crown and broken frame’


SG368var 1912/ 22 2d. Brown-orange. Superb unmounted double row of 24. Super colour!


SG434 1929 1/2d. Green PUC. Unmounted double bottom row, control K29 ex plate 3. Scarce.


SG435 1929 PUC 1d. Scarlet. “1829 for 1929” R2/3 plate 1. Unmounted in double top row with plate marking at left of R1/1. Spec NCom6f. Rare piece.


SG66 1857 4d. Rose-carmine. Wmk Large Garter. Ordinary White Paper. “Short” stamp from the top row cancelled by a superb ARBROATH c.d.s for JY. 15. 58.


SGD4wj + “D4var 1914 2d. Agate watermark Inverted and Reversed, with top row showing OSTAGE watermark…