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SG108 1869 Dublin Registered cover to California. 6d. postage, 4d. registration and 4d. late fee (?).


SG108 1870 Registered envelope, London to New York via Cork with 4d. registration, plus 6d. postage.


SG138 1876 Registered cover, Dublin to Genova, via London with 4d. Registration and 2 1/2d. postage.


SG160 1883 Registered envelope with 4d. plate 18 plus 1/2d. Green , 2d. Registration & 2 1/2d. Postage.


SG169 1881 5d. Indigo. IMPERFORATE From Spare Registration Sheet.


SG19/ 20 1854 2d. Pale blue plate 4, TA – TC strip on cover, paying Registration with 1d. (SG17) paying postage.


SG201 1887 2½d. Purple on Blue “Jubilee”. Used on “BOOK POST” stationery wrapper paying 2d. Registration plus ½d. postage – sent from SOUTH NORWOOD to GERMANY…


SG206 1894 Double letter rate of 5d. up to 1oz plus 2d. Registration fee.


SG254var 1905 Registered letter, London to Paris with 6d. late fee, 2d registration and 7 1/2d. postage (triple rate) – 1/ 3 1/2d.


SG257a 1908 3d. Red-brown stationery envelope, 2d. registration plus 1d. inland letter rate, London to Paris.


SG40 1859 Registered orange envelope, DERBY to LONDON.


SG423 & 436 1924 3d. Violet. Block Cypher and 1929 1½d. Purple-brown. Postal Union Congress. PROVISIONAL REGISTRATION.


SG43 1864 1d. Rose-red pl. 85, FB. Compulsory Registration.


SG43 1867 Inland Registration, Wiveliscombe to Seaton. 4d Reistration and 1d postage


SG43 1875 Registered entire Portsmouth to Wimborne 4d. registration and 1d. postage (?)


SG45 1878 Registered letter from Manchester to Skipton, Registration fee 2d., postage 1d.


SG66 1857 Liverpool Registered spoon. Large envelope to London, 4d. paying the registration and 8x 1d. paying the Inland rate for a 3oz letter.


SG68 1861 Brockhurst Registered cover. 6d. Registration fee, 2d.. plate 8 for postage.


SG81 1863 Welsh registered cover, Carmarthen to Bath. 1d. postage, 4d. registration and neat 167 numerals.


SG90 1863 Registered Transatlantic cover, Bradford, (Yorks) to Ohio, USA with 6d. registration and 1/- postage.